Live Games Online 2020: Getting Started on Playing and Winning

The next best thing to physically playing casino games is playing live casino games online. Like physical casinos, you can register online on a casino website to enjoy live games online which you’ll play in real-time. This gives you a real-life casino experience from your own comfort zone, some players even consider it a better experience due to its mixture of comfort and reality. When you play live casinos, you can see, hear and communicate with the dealers who distribute cards, spin the wheels and relate with you the exact way it’s done in physical casinos.

Important things to know about Live Games Online
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  • Playing live games online gives you a real casino experience

  • You have access to a vast majority of casino games from your comfort zone

  • You also interact with a live dealer

  • It does not make use of Random Number Generators (R.N.G.)

Live Games Online Explained

With the coming of the internet, there’s been a major proliferation of online casinos, most land-based casinos now offer live online casino games to customers. Live online casino games bring to you a combination of the positives of online casinos and physical casinos. This simply means you enjoy all the advantages of gaming at a physical casino while playing from anywhere of your choice. Therefore, today, without actually stepping into a casino, you too can actively take part in casino games.

Difference between Online casinos and Live online casinos

For new players, you might be wondering if online casinos are the same with live online casinos. Well, that’s a good observation from you because as you rightly observed, “live” makes a great difference between the two. Unlike regular online casino platforms, live casino platforms provide an even more immersive experience. Live casinos provide a completely fair and guaranteed random atmosphere that some players will appreciate more than any random number generator that can be made.

How to Play Live Casinos Online

For beginners, this whole concept may sound new. You’re probably asking how does this really work? Well, the thing is websites that offer you options of playing live casinos online are actually land-based casinos, for instance, Golden Nugget online casino offers its customers awesome live dealer casino games that as expected are streamed in real-time from the casino’s Atlantic City-based studio which serves for this purpose. Highly professional and friendly dealers manage the live dealer games while the outcome of these games is determined by real wheels and cards. The live dealer games offered at online casinos also come with special features such as socializing chat boxes which as expected allow players to socialize with other players seated at the same table as well as chat with the croupier. Hence, live dealer games give you the opportunity to join table games such as baccarat, blackjack, casino hold ‘em: a live video poker game, roulette.

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As established above, online casino live games are a part of land-based casinos, therefore, websites that offer live dealer options are usually very reputable. Let’s stick with Golden Nugget Online Casino for our examples. When you go to the Golden Nugget Online Casino website, at the top of your screen, you have options like “Sports”, “Live dealer”, “Promos &Rewards”, “Banking Info”, “Help Center”. Click on Live Dealer. If it was simply an online casino game, then you’d be able to learn through the demo mode but since live dealer games are in real time, demo games do not exist for them. Therefore, you will have to register to play the live dealer games.

Players who wish to play with Golden Nugget Casino will have to accept cookies and provide the operator with a scope of personal information as well as a unique password. All players must also be 21 years old if they wish to play at the site. Once a player has created an account through either the desktop version of the site or one of the downloadable apps, they will also be able to claim a $20 no deopsit bonus using promo code PLAY20, which can be used at live casino games. For even more live casino action, players can claim up to $1.500 in deposit bonus by making an equivalent deposit.

Online Casino Live Games

After your subscription, you’re given full access to the games. Most websites which offer live dealer games usually offer popular table games such as:

  1. Live online roulette: Playing online roulette, you can get to watch how live dealer spin the wheel. This is an iconic game of luck or chance while the roulette ball acts just like in land-based casinos
  2. Live online blackjack: The live Blackjack tables attract a lot of players while playing online variants of the game which is not always the case with the live dealer roulette. When playing the game, you also get to interact with the dealer and with other players.
    This gives the closest feeling to what you can obtain from a real-life casino.
  3. Live Online Baccarat: This is also one of the games that you will find popular with Online Casinos. The game is usually played with eight decks packed with fifty-two cards each. As with other live dealer games, live online baccarat uses reel cards and employs real, human croupiers.

There is a variety of online gaming venues that offer a great assortment of other live dealer casino games including 3-card poker, Caribbean poker, Live Sic Bio, Live Hold’em Poker. For instance, Golden Nugget Online Casino gives players a chance to play live Baccarat, live casino hold'em, live blackjack, live roulette and other live dealer casino games. All the games are available around the clock and special bonuses can be claimed to give even more winning chances to every player.

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How it works

Once you have picked your favorite game to play and loaded it up, the screen will be split between two parts. In the one part you will see the actual footage of the dealer dealing the game, while in the other you will be able to place your bets virtually. The dealer will open bets and at this time all players in the game will be able to place their bets. Once all bets are done, the dealer will deal the game live in front of the camera, with no random number generators involved, but only real cards, roulette balls, etc.

Advantages of Live Games Online

Casino-like atmosphere: You get to feel like you’re in the casino right from your comfort zone, this in fact is the ultimate advantage of live games online. When you are playing live dealer casino games, you engage in a real-life casino vibe even though you are playing from the coziness of your home or while on the go. In other words, you can play these games any time and you still get those real casino gaming vibes.

Play at any time: You can play at any time, for instance as explained above, Golden Nugget offers customers live online casino services twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Play in any location: The amazing thing about live casino games at modern online casinos is the fact that you can now play them on your mobile devices. This way, you can get into action any place as long as you have an active internet connection.


Live streaming can be heavy on your internet bills if you are paying by megabyte, so make sure that you know what kind of mobile internet deal you have in place before you play on your portable device.

Where to find Live Games Online offered by Reliable Websites?

There’s a whole lot more of live casino online game events which you can access. For online casino gamers who are just getting started with these games, it might seem quite confusing since many sites advertise online casino games live to you. We intend to show you the whole overall process of choosing and have basically carried out a careful trimming of these websites. So, when you log on to our Online Casino Comparison, you’ll get a direct access to even more live casino games online from the top reliable websites.

Simply search and pick the game of your choice, sign up on the website offering the game. You need not worry, we’ve done a thorough vetting of the provided ones. In order to play at online casinos, you will have to accept the privacy policies of the operators in question and usually accept some cookies into your computer. There is no need to fear about this as long as you are playing with registered and licensed online gaming operators. Also, you can always contact the operators through live chat and other channels in case you need any help setting up your account or playing live casino games.

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Why Choose either when you can have both the Experience and Comfort
The importance of comfort cannot be overemphasized, it’s safe to say this is why many big-name land-based casinos have also adopted the idea of creating Live casino games online. Customers want the casino experience, they also want comfort, or sometimes may be mobile and need to access the casino. This has been beautifully solved by the creation of live casino games online. When you play Live games online, you need not sacrifice the casino experience for comfort or vice versa. Instead, you get to experience the real-life casino experience from your preferred location. You get the experience and the comfort!
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