Live Dealer 2020: Top US Online Live Casinos

Live Dealer

It is actually in human nature not to be satisfied with the outcomes of their games, because, they tend to doubt the fairness of the RNG (random number generator) game. With the introduction of live casino game where players can stream live video enabling them to see the real dealer and choosing their bet decisions, though, it is not a physical experience, however it is seen as a practical option for experiencing a real live casino game from the comfort of your home or any location of your choice in as much there is a good internet connection. This enhanced method of gambling has been appreciated by numbers of live online casino players due to the fun and liveliness embedded in it.

Highlights of Live Dealer
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  • Types include blackjack, roulette, poker, and baccarat

  • Good streaming of live video is necessary

  • Enjoy a multi user interface

What Is Live Dealer Game and How Does It Work?

In the world of Online Casino, a new trend has come to the forefront of virtual gambling. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘’Live Dealer Casino,’’ you are in the race. This is an opportunity to experience a better gambling experience and enjoy the great benefits of advanced technology’s effect in the casino game. Live dealer casino earns the natural evolution in winning over skeptics and providing an improved online gambling experience. Live dealer casino game seeks to recreate something of the look, feel an authenticity of a real-life casino and rather than RNG (random number generator), real people are used, real time and you also play out a real time.

There is no comparison to live casino: the unique thrill you get when you place bets and interact with an actual person cannot be matched. Anyway it is not a betting type to approach lightly. This is why, among other reasons, there are a variety of online casino betting sites that offers online live casino games.

Many of this online live dealer sites limits their game offer to  blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and casino hold’em. Sometime other live dealer online casino sites offer 3- card poker. A short introduction is given below:

  • Live dealer blackjack: most of the live blackjack games are offered in multiplayer (7 seats) format. And the interesting part of it is that, adequate counter measures are used in other to prevent an effective counting of cards by players. This is considered to allow a fair game
  • Live dealer baccarat: baccarat is quite simple to offer in live format because, bet decisions are not really required when playing. Most live dealers will offer Punto Banco version of baccarat as it seems to be the most popular one on live dealer casino baccarat game
  • Live dealer roulette: in live dealer roulette, it is simple to place bets. and just like the land based casino, you can also place bets on odds or even and colors also

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Tips On How to Play Live Dealer Casino Games

Now that you’re already familiar with what live dealer online casino game is all about, I think you should be ready to put your luck to test. Before investing your money into it, there are some important things to consider first before getting started:

  • Select a live dealer online betting site and register
  • Make sure to read their terms and conditions and privacy policies
  • Identify the banking methods: deposits and withdrawal methods.
  • Select your game type. Blackjack, baccarat, roulette are the most offered.
  • Understand your game type selection and make sure you have full knowledge on it.

Above all, never lose sight of your account balance details, it is advisable to gamble with money that won’t break your heart.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live Dealer Casino

The interaction between the dealer and the player is the most obvious advantage of live dealer casino. Players are always satisfied when they can see the dealer dealing the card to them. Another advantage is the bonuses it has, unlike land-based casino, it has more bonus and allows players to benefit from the regular Live Casino Dealings.

Waiting for a while in order to take your sit on the table of your choice can be seen as the major disadvantage due to the popularity of live casino games. Another disadvantage is the increase in the minimum of the stakes as well, because, maintenance of a live dealer casino is expensive.

Are There Live Dealer Options for Mobile And Tablet Users

You don’t need to be sad, just because you are a mobile or tablet user doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to partake in live dealer casino games. The good news is that there are various online betting sites that offers live dealer option for mobile and tablet users, some of them are:

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Yako casino

“Yako” a name derived from the Swahili word meaning ‘’your’, therefore judging from its name, we may assume that the idea behind it is ‘’ Bringing the casino game to your door step.’’ This casino offers great deals to players, one of the amazing offer it has is the active bonus which can be grown whenever a set of certain game is played. It also allows you to access different gaming option like, video slots and you may switch to live gaming. Smartphones and Tablet devices can access the following features stated above, all you have to do is register and take part in their exciting offers

Royal Panda Casino

Royal panda casino has contributed to the popularity of live casino games with its great features and offers, including an excellent selection of games, a competent customer service team and a multitude of excellent banking options. One good thing about Royal Panda is that, the game selection is one of the best which in no doubt players will surely be attracted to at least a slot game. Although, there are other type of slot games available, and the good news is that most of those slot games can be accessible through smartphones and tablets in as much the user as a good and steady internet connection.

Golden Tiger Casino

This casino offers a mobile-responsive website which is accessible via smartphones and tablets. One of the advantages this casino site has is that, a novice can easily understand how it works due to its simple interface. Golden Tiger also allow users who might be bored of paying RNG-based games the opportunity to access the live dealer option. This way it makes sure to satisfy their customers. Although it still lacks a designed application that can be downloaded and installed by players so as to make it easier to use, but in the interim, it can only be accessible through browser app.

Which Live Dealer Casino Offers the Best?

It is very important for you as a punter to understand that the benefit of BETTING in a live dealer casino is really in the extra bonuses from time to time, pleasure, and comfort derived from it. Here is the saying by Cara Bertoia:It's hard to walk away from a winning streak, even harder to leave the table when you're on a losing one.’’ This indicate the complex and addictive nature of Casino. In order to place a safe bet, you have to be familiar and steady with a considerable stake rate to prevent or minimize loss. Contemplating about which live dealer casino will suit your taste, you can surf the variety of live dealer casino explained above. Thus, it is highly important and beneficial that players check our Online Casino Comparison page to find which operator best suits your gaming interest.

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Gaming at an Expert’s Level

Live dealer casino games shed more light on the nitty-gritty of the industry. While bonuses, incentives, and the operator makes all the difference, it’s the tables themselves that keep you entertained. RNG has been relied upon by online casino to help with the shuffling of card decks and also the determine the outcome of a roulette spin. If you are reading this article, you are already on the right track. Yes, Live Dealer Casino has a higher stake than a traditional casino, you should know that it does make a return more likely with its many combinations.
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