Live Casino Hold’em 2020: Rules, Strategy & Bonus

Live Casino Hold’em is somewhat based on the Texas Hold’Em Poker. There are only little features that differentiate the two games. Live Casino Hold’Em is perceived to be a poker game with features that allows or give chances for players to win. This is so as all players play against the dealer instead of playing against one another. This game can be dated to the year 2000. It started gaining its recognition across countries like Egypt, Russia, and South Africa. In recent years, the game has not only become popular across different Casinos, but it’s also played mostly at online Casinos

Important Facts about Live Casino Holdem
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  • It is a game played with a standard 52 card deck

  • The player and the dealer are dealt two cards

  • Good practice will make you perfect

Live Casinos Holdem

Over the years, the Live Casino holdem game has become a base game with different and interesting variants. These variants also give enough chance for the players to win as they compete against the Casino (dealer) instead of one another. The winner is whosoever can make the best five-card poker hand using any combination of the cards available (five community cards and their own two cards). This game requires a full grasp of useful knowledge and skills about it. It also requires that the players are good decision-makers as it is their decision(s) that make the game interesting and challenging.

Live Variants of the Casino Holdem

Over the years, the Live Casino Holdem game has gone through significant changes across the globe just like the popular game of Live Casino Baccarat. The following are variants of the exciting Hold’Em Casino game;

Casino Holdem Jumbo -7 Jackpot

The Casino Holdem Jumbo – 7 Jackpot is one of the most popular variants of the base game- “Casino Holdem.” This variant is known to be an optional progressive- bet that allows the player to win large Progressive Jackpots. One of the interesting facts about this variant is that the players’ decision to CALL or FOLD a hand does not have any effect on their ability to win a share of the Jackpot. Another important thing to note about this variant is that each player gets to play the Jumbo-7 Jackpot bet in the currency used at the Casino where he or she is playing, but when the player wins a share of the Jackpot, he or she is paid in their own currency.

Caribbean Holdem Poker

Caribbean holdem Poker is one of the popular variations of the base Casino holdem game. In fact, it can be referred to as the most popular amongst the variations as it is the combination of the favorite classic Texas holdem. The major difference between the Caribbean and Texas holdem like every other variation of the Casino holdem is that the players do not play against one another.

Casino Holdem Poker - Plus

This variant is an exciting Progressive- bet for the Casino holdem game. It is very easy to deal and play and also very fast and exciting. All the player needs to do is place an additional wager on the bet sensor above the Ante. He or she has to hold one of five poker hands to win the round.

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Advantages of Live Casino Holdem

  • Online Casino Holdem is very easy to access on mobile gadgets with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Players enjoy Life Dealer Casino Holdem- that is, poker cards are dealt in a studio before streamed to your computer.
  • Online Casinos match deposits with real money bonuses- that is, free money to play Casino Holdem.

Disadvantages of Live Casino Holdem

  • Players may enjoy privacy within the comfort of their house but will not enjoy the Casino sights.
  • Many bonuses on the Online Casinos favor slot players.
  • Online Casino Holdem games use random number generators to produce results against the real-life dealer and real-life cards used in the land-based Casinos.

Live Casino Holdem Game Details

It is known that the unique feature of the Live Casino Holdem game is the chance to compete with the house rather with the other players. However, you still need to learn the basic processes and rules, strategies, and tricks that can make winning this game become very simple and easy without taking away the fun part. The following are therefore the rules that every player must know and follow while playing the Casino Holdem game;

  • It is a game played with a standard 52 card deck
  • The player and the dealer are dealt two cards
  • participating players makes an ante bet and if interested could also make an optional Bonus side bet
  • Three cards are dealt with the board
  • The player gets to decide to either make a call bet of double the ANTE BET or fold with no further play losing the Ante Bet after checking his or her cards which were initially faced down
  • If the players make a card bet, the dealer will deal two more cards to the board, making it five cards
  • A comparison of hands is made between the players and the dealer after each party must have made their best five-card poker hand
  • If the dealer qualifies, the player’s hand is better than the dealer’s
  • If the dealer qualifies and his hand is equal to the player’s, he doesn’t win or lose

Live Casino Holdem Strategy

Since the ideal move for each hand is dependent on the blend of the two personal cards and the five board cards dealt between players and the dealer, there is no easy way to arrive at a particular strategy. However, a Casino Holdem calculator can be of help to you. This means that while learning, you could run a number of scenarios through the calculator or wager a side bet when playing Casino Holdem as  AA Bonus. This means that you win if you place AA Bonus side bet and hold a pair of aces or after dealing the first three community cards.

It is best to consider an optimal Casino Holdem strategy because it helps to keep the house edge to a minimal point (2-2.5%). However, it is important to note that just like in our article on the Live Casino Baccarat; strategies are not the ultimate guarantee for winning in Casino games.

The following are general tips that can help you as a player to stand a chance to win the Live Casino Holdem game;

  • Learn the rules properly: - Don’t just go into playing the game with little or no proper knowledge if you do not want to lose eventually
  • Avoid playing the AA Bet: - Although this strategy makes the payout increase, it also makes the house edge increase as well, hence, avoid it.
  • Set your limit: - Don’t get carried away while playing. Don’t set out to lose all your bankroll just because you couldn’t caution yourself to stop playing.
  • Practice: - This may sound simple, but you really need to keep practicing so as to become a pro at this interesting Casino Holdem game.

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Legal Situation of Playing Online Casino Games in USA

Just as we explained in our article on the Live Casino Baccarat, sanctions were made on operators of online casinos. This made online gambling by US citizens illegal. However, in recent years, some US states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Nevada, and few others have legalized online gambling. The Live Casino Holdem game was introduced in 2000 by a famous gambler, but the game was not licensed in the UK until 2017. However, this did not stop the game from gaining a high level of popularity across the globe. A major factor of its popularity is the rate at which players get free offers, promotions, and bonuses while playing on the online platforms.

Live Casino Holdem Overview: Play Now!

Beating the dealer (house) by having a better five-card poker hand is the objective of players of the Live Casino Holdem game. The game is not complex and is very much easy to learn as the players do not compete with themselves but against the dealers. This makes the players stand a big chance of winning.

The game is played with a standard 52 card deck with the deck being changed after every hand by either the dealer, the assistant to the dealer or a machine. There are also significant, and exciting betting options for the players as betting takes place before any cards are dealt and also after the three community cards have been dealt. You can get more information from our online casino comparison.

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Game with Fun and Profit

The Live Casino Holdem game with its variations offers players the thrilling action and experience of a live game. It is even as interesting (if not more than) as other popular games because it gives the excitement of playing against the house. The most significant for you to keep winning at this game is constant practice and also being guided by the rules – the rest will definitely align. Now that you have all the tips and knowledge you need to record victory let’s get on with the game!
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