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March 1, 2021
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Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.

Live Casino Bonus 2021

There was a time when we had to travel several miles to a land based location to have fun while placing our bets. The stress, hardship and cost of travel in those days can never be overstated. This hardship was mitigated with the advent of technology. With a strong internet connection, placing your bets and having fun at the same time is now possible with no stress and hardship whatsoever. Many Casinos have taken advantage of this advancement in technology to launch their online casino platforms. There are currently thousands of gambling platforms with a lot of benefits, real time choices, spectacular games, excellent promotions and many more. Many gaming sites also have a Live Casino section where you can access loads of surprises prepared by croupiers to give you the best gaming experience right in the comfort of your home.

Important Facts about Live Casino Bonus
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  • Deposit bonus offers you some free percentage

  • It gives opportunity to play without deposit

  • The ‘no deposit bonus’ in live casino has expiry date

Live Casino Bonus Types

The best way to attract customers to try out new online casino is to offer them top notch live casino bonuses which are irresistible.  Although, live croupier games like roulette is not usually played in demo versions, they offer special kinds of live dealer casino bonus that provide online players the chance to play it for free.

Comprehensive details about the different types of live casino promotions you can come across when selecting your preferred online casino has been enumerated below. We’ve also made some tips readily available to you to help you recognize the different nuances associated with casino live bonus at a glance.

Welcome Bonus

Deposit bonus is the most popular bonus available in live dealer games. Some percentage of your deposit will be offered to you for free depending on the sum of money you deposited. For example, if you see a 100% deposit bonus up to $1000, it means you will receive the same bonus if you deposit $1000 or less. But if you make a deposit which is more than $1000, you will get a bonus of exactly $1000. You have to carefully read the terms and conditions before using the live casino sign up bonus because some restrictions are usually associated with the amount of winnings you can get if you play using the live casino sign up bonus. If you win $250 off a $25 bonus and there is a $100 cap, then you can only keep $100.

There are also play-through requirements you have to follow when you have to play the game for a number of times before you’ll be allowed to cash out. For example, if your live casino bonus is $20 and there is a 25x betting requirements, it simply means that your play through must be at least $500 to cash out your winnings. We advise that you search for bonuses with lower play-through, within the range of 20 or 25 rather than that of 50. You must also understand that in roulette the bets you place with human croupier will not always fully contribute to clear the bonus which is usually given as part of live casino welcome offer. This is because roulette has a lower house edge than other live games and live croupier roulette bets usually contribute 25% or less to clear the bonus.

Apart from the usual welcome bonuses available at gambling websites, there is always a minimum deposit requirement for signing up.

No Deposit Bonus

The ‘No Deposit Bonus’ in live casino attracts so many online players. The no deposit live roulette and no deposit live blackjack are the most popular bonuses of this type. Just create an account at any live casino and follow the relevant instructions to claim the ‘no deposit bonus’. The bonus is absolutely free and it gives you the opportunity to play games without depositing any money. The ‘no deposit bonus’ in live casino has expiry date, so you have pay adequate attention not too miss it.

The ‘no deposit bonus’ is basically meant for players who just signed up. The amount and the game type may defer from operator to operator. There might be no such bonus for some games. No deposit bonuses are usually smaller in size than other bonus types offered in live croupier games like roulette and they seem to have many play-through requirements.

If you lose the bonus money, you will not be required to make any deposit. The no deposit bonus gives you the chance to play a particular casino for free. The gambling sites regulate the number wins that can be gotten from these offers, while some require you to make an initial deposit to withdraw your winnings.

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Live Casino Games

The live casino games originated from brick and mortar casino. You can refer to them as proficient substitutes for land-based casino since there are human croupier to interact with in online casino live games. The major differences between playing online live casino games and land-based casino is the free snacks and drinks which is provided during land-based casino. Live dealer casino games are also perfect for social interaction between you and other players, as well as you and the croupier while staying relatively anonymous. This is because playing live casino games does not require you to have physical meetings with others. But wagering in live online casino games gives you the avenue to see the croupier without him seeing you. That is why playing online casino games are preferred mostly by introverts.

Live Casino Games Compared

The live casino games have seen massive games upgrading in recent years with the different types of games incorporated. Let’s compare how live casino games fare against the online casino in odds, rules, specific features and so on.

Live Poker

Live poker and the online version of poker is not different from one another because you can do the same action and digitally pick your wager values too. The major difference between the two is that much time is given to the live casino to complete a hand. Another difference is that the online live poker uses random number generator to shuffle cards while the shuffling of cards is done by croupier during live poker. The use of random number generator reasonably reduces the chances of cheating.

The rules of live poker are not greatly different from that of online poker. However, a lot of practice and effort is required to calculate the odds.

Live Money Wheel

The Live Money Wheel is loved by both the professional players and beginners because it is one of the easiest casino games with perhaps the simplest casino games rules. This game is played with the help of a croupier who spins a big mounted wheel. Each segment of the wheel is painted with different colors with numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40 on them. Players place their bets on the numbers that they think the wheel will stop on. Where the player makes the right guess, he will win an award which is multiplied correspondingly e.g. 1 to 1, 5 to 1 and so on.

The live money wheel features bonus spin multiplier segments which significantly increase your payout amount.

Live Roulette

The arrangement of Live Roulette gives a touch of realism and class to the game through its real time interactions with dealers and players unlike the online live roulette. The online live roulette is usually broadcast from a land based casino. The same rule applies to operators of both live roulette casino and land based casino.

There are several variations for playing online casino live roulette which vary in their wheel layout. These variations result in different odds. For example, the European Roulette has just one zero pocket while the American Roulette has two zeroes. This variation means that the odds of winning are higher in European Roulette to the American Roulette because the chance that your ball will hit zero is twice lower (1/37) in European Roulette to (2/38) in American Roulette.

Sadly, Live Roulette Casino does not give room for free play, so you have to learn how to play the game by trying out with a demo version of any online casino.

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Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat gives you the special feeling of gambling at a table with other players, a feeling the online casino doesn’t give. Players interact with dealers and between themselves during live online Baccarat through a chat box. The cards are also dealt with by croupier. The rules regulating live baccarat are the same with the rules regulating online live baccarat. Two hands are usually dealt during the game, the banker hand and the player hand. The player makes a bet with either of these two hands or on a bet at the start of the game. The hand with the bigger value wins. Each hand’s value is calculated by adding the values of the card in it together.

You can make huge returns in online live baccarat‘s real money winnings by avoiding the Tie Bet whose house edge is as big as 14.36%.  While the house edge of the banker bet is 1.06% and that of the player bet is 1.24%.

Live Blackjack

The major difference between playing live blackjack and its online counterpart is that the minimal bets will often be higher in the live blackjack. But the live blackjack online operators usually guarantee you that the game is free from all types of cheat. For example, a TV is usually placed in the background to assure you that the game is being played in real time.

Before playing an online blackjack, ensure that your internet connection is fast and reliable. Also make sure you read the online casino live blackjack privacy policy, terms and conditions because different casino sites handle players disconnection from the site in various ways. Where there is internet disconnection during online blackjack, the game is interrupted and the player stands automatically.

Live Casino Texas Hold’em

This is one of the best poker variations available online. The popular Hold’em is played by making an initial bet. You are dealt two cards with three community cards lying face up after the initial bet.

Doubling the stake of your initial bet lengthens your playing time. If you make the call bet, two more community cards will be placed on your table. Then the cards with you will be compared with the ones with the dealer. And if the dealer has a better hand, you lose your bets.

The strategy of playing this game is to simply determine the hands worth folding or playing. Sophisticated rules, bluffing and complex calculations are not needed in this game.

Where can you get the hugest bonus?

Playing casino has the potential to be a fun and money-spinning adventure. However, it even gets better if you can get huge bonus from your favorite operators to play game with. Thus, it is highly important and beneficial that players check our Online casino comparison page to find which operator offers the biggest bonus in your State.

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The best way to attract customers to try out new online casino is to offer them top notch live casino bonuses which are irresistible.  Bonuses like welcome bonus, deposit bonus and no deposit bonus add a lot of glamour and entertainment to live casino. Huge return is also guaranteed with the different bonuses.
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