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March 1, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Know he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Know he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Best Live Online Casinos 2021

Land-based casinos are definitely cool but online casinos are smashingly amazing. Although online casinos are way ahead of the “brick” and “mortar” casino, they are both complementary. With the advent of live online casinos, gamblers do not have to worry about missing out of the land-based experience and excitement. This is because live online casinos heavily imitate land-based ones. If you are shopping for the best live online casinos around, ride along as we unite you with one that matches your taste.

Highlights of Best Live Online Casinos
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  • They are fast and easy to use

  • There are different methods of easy deposits

  • Security of personal and financial details are guaranteed

What to look out for in a live online casino?

Live online casinos are one of the things you should painstakingly choose. Consider the following features before investing your money in a live casino. They are as follows;

  • Your choice of online live casino should be licensed by authoritative gambling jurisdiction.
  • For your own safety and protection, the site has to have the required licenses that proves that the random number generator in use is quite safe.
  • The reputation the casino has garnered over the years.
  • Ensure that the site or app of the casino is compatible with your devices. This grants you full and unhindered access to the opportunities and amazing deals they have to offer.
  • Another feature that you should look out for is the game types. Does it offer you a wide variety of games? In summary, what is the game portfolio like?
  • Who are the software providers? The best live online casinos get their supply of games from the best software providers around like; IGT, NetEnt, NextGen, Konami, NYX, ShuffleMaster.
  • The best live online casinos only hire the best live dealers and you can know this from their composure and how they handle each game.
  • They have a responsive support system as you can live chat with their customer care representatives and are available 24/7 so as to attend to your every need and question.
  • Fast pay outs is another feature you should look out for. You should not have to wait a week to withdraw your winnings at an online casino.
  • Finally, their bonus set has to be quite attractive. Most live casinos offer you instant bonus when you deposit and start playing. The deposit bonus amount differs with respect to live casinos. Visit our live casino deposit bonus page to get informed about the various deposit bonuses that various online casinos offers.

Live Casino Online Games

One feature that makes an online casino quite fun is the variety and quality of games it has to offer. The above selection of casinos offers an amazing variety of games from Live dealer games such as; blackjack live, roulette live, baccarat live, live three card poker etc. with quite friendly live dealers, to slots games, table games etc. The plan is to attract as many players as possible and keep them glued. The experience gathered while playing the live games online is quite phenomenal. The video quality is amazing and it imitates the land-based casinos such that you would feel as though you are in a land-based casino whereas you are in your house.

How to get started

While you can just log on to the websites of these live online casinos to patronize them, you can also patronize them via their live casino app.

If your preference is to go through the site, go to your browser and punch in their URL, log in (if you are a new player, create an account) deposit an amount of money and start playing. Otherwise, you can download their app from google play store or app store (depending on whether you are an android or IOS device user). Most importantly, the app of some of these casinos are not compatible with some devices. Hence, before you proceed to download the app, endeavor to check the compatibility status of the app.

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Mode of Operation

The modus operandi of live online casinos vary from their payment options, the time and days they operate to the days players can and can't cash out, their privacy policy etc. Hence, it is important to go through all of these details to see which meets your needs before subscribing to any online casinos. While some online casinos allow players live chat their customer care team, others do not subscribe to these ideas. More so, some online casinos allow weekend cash outs while others do not. For some casinos, both deposit and withdrawal can be quite complicated. However, some of the best live casino endeavor to make this task easy for players and even bless first time players on their platform with an amazing welcoming bonus. To wrap this up, it is important to study the mode of operation of any online casino before deciding which live online casino you would patronize.

Pros and Cons of live online casinos


  • Ease of convenience

While you won't exactly find casinos everywhere like branches of McDonalds restaurant, online gambling saves you both time and money. Time because you won't need to spend time driving down to a land-based casino especially when you just might be tired. Hence, the time to be spent on the road is saved. More so, you won't have to bother about the cost of transporting yourself to a casino (expensive or not, it just saves you money). Hence, after a long day at work, all you need to do is grab your laptop or mobile phone and just log on to your favorite online casino and make some money from the comfort of your home.

  • Amazing bonuses

Unlike land bases casinos, online casinos offer amazing bonuses. Right from the moment you sign up and make your first deposit, you are entitled to a welcome bonus. What's more interesting is that as you continue to play your favorite games online, you receive points that reward you with VIP levels which is your pass to receiving huge rewards and bonuses

  • More payment options

Playing at a land-based casino can be quite limiting in terms of making deposits and withdrawals. This is because you either pay and/ or withdraw with your cash or cash. However, online casinos have done well to expand the payment options. In addition to making deposit or withdrawals via cash or card, you can also do this via cryptocurrency and e-wallet.

  • Interaction

Man is a social being. Hence, this online live casino allows you live chat with both the sexy or handsome dealer and also your fellow players. More so, you can see the actions of the live dealer, when they spin the wheel etc. By subscribing to online casinos, you clearly won't miss out on much of the land-based casino fun.

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  • It can be slow at times

Because all players, including yourself, play from the comforts of their home, seeking, this can slow down the game and make it boring. Some players might be multitasking at the moment; hence, it might take them time to respond especially in the card game. More so, you could experience technical issues either from them or you. These factors could slow down the game, eliminating the fun in the process.

  • Not enough Live games

Managing a live dealer is quite expensive. Hence, there is a limited amount of live games. They include; Live Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker and the games mostly searched for by players. With a limited amount of live game to bet on, adventurous players could get bored quickly as there really is a limited range of games.

  • Live Game table capacity

Unlike the regular online games, you don't have to worry about not getting a space on the table. The live table games, on the other hand, can require you to wait for there to be an available space. Nevertheless, this is applicable to some card games because some online casinos now do unlimited card games which can take an unlimited number of players.

Where to find the best live online casino?

This article is intended to serve as a welcome guide to how live casinos work. For casino players who wish to join the trendy online gaming, we intend to guide you through the whole process, so we’ve carried out a careful selection of the top online casinos. You’ll find on our online casino comparison the best live casinos as at yyyy and the available games. When you sign up through our link, you get to enjoy welcome bonuses on the live mobile casinos you register with.

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Play and win conveniently

Live online casinos are really interesting and more profitable. All you need is to sign up with a reliable and trustworthy casino for amazing rewards etc. The list of best live online casinos 5 not limited to the five enlisted in this article. However, as a player seeking to bet safely and assuredly, these casinos could be a great for a head start for your betting journey. Play safe, win big.
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