Baccarat Casino Online 2020: Rules, Winnings & Odds

Baccarat Casino

To play the classic and fast-paced game of baccarat casino online, pronounced 'bah-cah-rah,' you don't have to be rich. You have to have a reasonable sum of money to get started. The game is a card game usually played at casinos, and now included in many online casinos, which comprises of two hands: the banker and the players and is officiated by the dealer. The game is in the same class with poker and blackjack, but it is more of a game of chance.

The card game is believed to have been invented in the 19th century, although some scholars believe that it dates back to the 15th century in Italy. Since then, the card game has gone through some modifications.

Important Facts about Baccarat Casino
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  • There are three versions of the baccarat game

  • There are also three outcomes in the card game

  • A round of play is called a baccarat coup

  • The point values of the cards in baccarat are from two to nine

  • You play it with, at least, two players

Baccarat Casino Game Process

Baccarat is a fascinating game, and it is easy to learn it quickly and play it. Keep in mind that it is a game of luck, not skill. The outcomes of the games are a player win, banker win and tie. The banker is not the house, but it can be one of the players. The online casino is, in this case, the dealer. It is a table game, like blackjack is.

The player bets on any of the two hands; either the player's hand or the banker's hand.

  • First, the cards are dealt by the dealer with the banker and the players. The online casino would first give the player a card; then the next card goes to the banker. In the first round, there are two for the player and the banker.
  • Then, the point total of the sets is announced. The points can be from two to nine. If the point is more than 10, the second digit is the value of the hand. For example, if the number of cards dealt adds up to 12, you drop the 1, and the value would be 2.
  • If the player bets on the banker's hand and it wins, the player gets ninety-five percent of the bet.
  • To win, your hand should be closer to nine points.
  • In the first round, the first points determine who wins. If the player gets a higher point card than the banker, the player has a 'natural win.' The total points are usually eight or nine.

Baccarat Casino Rules

  • If the total points of the player's cards are five or below, the player will receive another card.
  • If the total points of the player's cards are above five, the player will stand.
  • If the player or the banker is dealt cards which are a total of eight or nine, both of them would stand.
  • The final betting option pays out eight to one.
  • When a player bets, the winnings are double the bet.

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Baccarat Casino Winning Possibilities

When you want to play baccarat, the first thing you should know is that it is a game of chance, so don’t bother on relying on skill like poker is. A player has a better chance with winning at poker and blackjack than baccarat. Even with that, there are still some steady numbers.

  • Ties are scarce, although they can still happen. The probability of a tie happening is 9.5%, but there is a vast house advantage in these cases.
  • The probability of the player winning is less than that of the chance of the banker winning.
  • For the player, the chance of winning is at 44.6%.
  • For the banker, the probability of winning is at 45.6%.
  • Since ties are scarce, if you forget about the chance of there being a tie, the chances of the banker winning are increased to 51%.
  • The minimum bet is $25, and the maximum is usually $100, and the winnings are twice of what the player bets.

Baccarat Casino Glossary

  • Action: Used to refer to the money used to bet and hands dealt in the game.
  • Banker Bet: A betting option with a house edge of 1.7%, and it takes a 5% commission if you win.
  • Bankroll: Amount of money a player has to bet.
  • Burning: The act of removing the top 3-5 cards after shuffling.
  • Card Counting: System where the player takes note of the cards that have been dealt to predict the outcome.
  • Cheques: Chips used in the card game.
  • Commission: Fee charged by the online casino on the banker bet.
  • Coup: One round of play.
  • Face Cards: Cards worth zero, which are the King, Queen, and Jack.
  • Flat Bet: Situation where the player bets the same way constantly through the game.
  • La Grand Natural: The winning hand.
  • La Petit Natural: The losing hand.
  • Natural: When you win the first round.
  • Player Bet: A betting option with a house edge of 1.36%.
  • Tie Bet: A betting option with a house edge of 14.2%.

Baccarat Casino Strategy and Tricks

  • Since you know that the game is one of chance, it is smarter to focus on the game rather than doing the card counting system.
  • Choose baccarat games with a few decks.
  • As a player, take note of how you use your money. Divide the bankroll you have into the number of rounds.
  • Whenever you win, pocket in your money.
  • Try not to use the baccarat systems when you’re playing and don’t make decisions based on previous bets.
  • Don’t bet what you cannot afford, and try to avoid losing all your money early.
  • Avoid bets on the tie. The house advantage is higher, and it is infrequent to win this way.
  • Your bets should be mostly on the bankers hand more because of the lower house advantage but not if you’re using the betting system or using the Martingale strategy.
  • Make sure you also bet on the player's hand because of the 5% commission that comes with the bankers bet.
  • Don’t worry about bluffing or having a poker face, this isn’t like poker.

Playing for Free

If you're new to the game of baccarat, it is advisable to play for free before using real money to bet in an online casino. This would help you test out your strategies and get used to the basics of the casino card game before you play with real money. You have a better chance of winning in this game when you have loads of experience, and so playing free baccarat would give you a lot of experience and increase your chances of winning.

There are many baccarat trainers' sites and apps that allow you to play for free. You can also sign up on a website and play with the bonus that they offer you before you deposit in money to play as a new player. Playing baccarat for free is the best way to get started and if you like poker or blackjack, you’ll enjoy this one.

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Baccarat Live Casino Version

This game has been faced with new variants and adaptations, the following are therefore few of the popular and progressive alternative of the online baccarat game;

  • Chemin De Fer: This version of the baccarat gives players the right to decide whether or not a third or fourth card should be dealt rather than waiting on the rules of the house. It is a game popular amongst the French. It is used to be dealt using six decks of cards on a big table with players betting actively against one another. The “banker” is the player dealing with the cards while the other players are known as “punters.”
  • Midi Baccarat: This is the most common variant of the baccarat game. The game is played with eight decks of the card in a shoe with standard rules guiding alongside mid-range betting units.
  • Mini-Baccarat: This variant of the baccarat game is also known as “Punto Banco.” Here, there are few players with one dealer controlling the action and payouts. Interesting facts about this game is that it can be played by a single player with lower limits.
  • Side Bets: This is used to win in progressive and super baccarats. Players have the opportunities to win. This means that players can place a side bet.
  • Vip Baccarat: This variant is also played with standard rules just like Midi Baccarat. However, there are more elaborate tables, higher limits, and a faster pace for experienced players.

Legal Situation of Online Casino in USA

When playing baccarat casino online, you have to be careful to use legitimate sites. This is because playing online casino games are not permitted in some states, so take note that the legality depends on your location. Many sites mislead you into thinking that they are legal, but they are not. You should use baccarat casino online sites that are registered with the state you are living in and have a license. There are only a few states that permit regulated baccarat online casinos, and so if you are not in these states, your gambling is illegal.

Casinos with Baccarat: Play Now

Many online casinos provide baccarat, along with other games, but you have to choose wisely. A lot of online casinos offer bonuses and lots of gifts for new players, plus they are convenient and user-friendly.  When looking out for the online casinos, you are interested in; you should keep it in mind that not all online casinos offer all the games that are out there. Before picking a site, think of the other games that you are interested in and check if the online casino also offers these games apart from baccarat. The site with the most games you enjoy should be your first choice.

Apart from the games you enjoy, you should also consider other features. Some online casinos have the best customer service. You should pick out these, especially those that offer services for a lot of hours a day. Apart from customer service, online casinos can also provide you exclusive games that you would not find in a live casino and the best bonuses for you to earn without depositing.

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The classic game of baccarat is one that anyone can play once you understand the process and have enough money to bet. All you have to do to get started is open one of the sites we have provided for you and start playing. You should also begin playing early if you're a beginner so you can get the hang of it; also, take advantage of any bonuses provided to you by the online casino. This guide and many more at our operator comparison provide you with the best baccarat casinos online that you should check out when looking for a grand online casino.
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