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Virgin Casino Promo Code Online 2022

up to
  • Up to $100 cashback in first 7 days
  • Enjoy plenty of promotions later on
  • Over 180 games & online slots available
  • Use our links & bonus code to get this bonus
Last updated: 05/03/22
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Bonus Amount100% up to $100 Cashback
Rollover0x Bonus Amount
Min. Deposit$10
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Min. Deposit:
0x Bonus Amount
Bonus Time:
7 days
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Michael Tradford
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May 3, 2022
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

As an online gambler, the promotions are often the deciding factor when deciding where to play, that’s why it’s essential to look closely at the Virgin casino promo code offers before deciding whether to play at the site or not. These offers are different than what can be found at many other online casinos, which is why they must be examined closely. New players from New Jersey can get up to $100 in protection from the welcome Virgin online casino promo code “BONUS10”, but there are other offers to look at as well. Below is an overview of the main bonus and a look at some of the ongoing bonuses as well for players interested.

Virgin Casino Welcome Offer: $100 for Your First Deposit

New players at the Virgin casino online should always make use of the welcome player’s promotion when they sign up. The bonus is a powerful one because it’s so easy to unlock and because it’s cashable almost immediately. The casino promo code option is insurance, so new gamblers can feel comfortable wagering a decent amount. The bonus is good for the first week of membership at the casino, and it helps ensure that gamblers don’t burn through their whole bankroll and run out of money to play with.

Choose your deposit to calculate the bonus

Learning how to make the most of this Virgin casino bonus code offer is important as a new player for getting started as effectively as possible. The bonus essentially pays back the amount of money lost after the first seven days playing on the casino up to a limit of $100. It’s possible to even come away with a bit of extra money from the bonus if it’s used with care. Either way, new players can use the bonus to play without as much worry.

Interesting Offer, but can I Deposit Using my Preferred Deposit Method?

It’s easy to see the appeal of the Virgin Casino promo code “BONUS10” and how it backs up your initial wagers at the casino, but it’s important to know about any special requirements that come with the money option. Some Virgin Promotion offers require gamblers to meet special conditions like depositing using a specific method. That’s not a concern for gamblers at Virgin casino. This Virgin Casino promo and most of the other offers as well don’t require selecting a specific deposit method. Instead, players are free to make any sort of deposit that they want.

Most new players go with a credit or debit card deposit, but bank transfers, eWallet deposits, and cash deposits are all an option as well. Gamblers are free to choose whatever method they are most comfortable with when joining up with the casino and working toward those different casino promo offers.

Online Banking
Online Banking
ACH Payments
ACH Payments

Let’s Go: I want to register!

Virgin casino is an exciting online platform that appeals to many gamblers, but gamblers must register before they can make use of most of the features. Fortunately, the registration process is a simple and quick one. Players that want to become members of the site can do so in less than an hour. Below is an overview of the process for anyone interested. First is a quick look and then an in-depth sign-up guide.

  • Go to the Virgin casino website
  • Click the Join Now button at the top of the website
  • Fill out the casino sign up form
  • Enter in promotional code BONUS10
  • Submit the form
  • Submit your first deposit
  • Verify your email
  • Sign in and play

To start, the registration process, players must visit the website and click on the yellow Join Now button at the top of the screen. Once that button is selected, it’s possible to go through the rest of the registration process in just a few minutes. A webform will open up with a few short sections for information. Fill out each of the sections accurately, making sure to enter the promotional code or a referral code if either of those are available. Finish filling out the form, double-check the information, and submit it to start working toward the different Virgin casino offers.

With the form submitted, it’s time to make a real money deposit to get the account started. This step only takes a few moments and will result in getting your account ready to gamble with. Choose a deposit method you’re comfortable with, and you’re ready to go. Finish the registration process by checking the email sent by Virgin Casino, and the account is all set to begin wagering. Sign in and play.

Virgin Casino Bonus Conditions in Detail

The Virgin Casino promo code welcome bonus offer is a simple one to unlock and can be used by every new player at the site. Anyone that’s getting started at the casino should take full advantage of the offer to bet bigger and more confidently. The offer is initiated the moment a gambler signs up and makes a $10 or greater deposit into their account. With the deposit made, the player has seven days to wager and be protected by the wager insurance. During this period, the casino calculates the total net loss generated by gambling at the site, and this money will be paid back by the casino promo up to $100.

For anyone that loses less than 90% of their total balance, they will get back their net loss exactly up to $100 in total. For players that lose more than 90% of their initial deposit, they will get back 100% of the deposit amount or up to $100. That means a gambler that deposits $100 and loses over $90 can get $100 back from the bonus offer even if they didn’t lose that much. In this way, new players can make a slight profit from the Virgin online casino promo code offer when carefully planned.

After the seven-day period, the game promotion amount will be credited within the next few days. It’s put straight into the account, and the money is immediately cashable. There are no wagering requirements to unlock the funds, and they can be withdrawn from the account right away if that’s what the player wants to do. Poker, slots, and other games can all be used for the 2022 promo to help reinforce confidence.

New players are encouraged to use the casino promo to make big, bold wagers and to try and get a big win from the casino. Of course, this can backfire and lead to losing the whole balance, but up to $100 is covered and will be credited back thanks to the offer, which makes it easier to try for a big win.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $100
Bonus Type
Wager & lose $100 & get $100 back
0x Bonus Amount
Net loss of the first 7 days after deposit up to $100 will be given back as cashable cash back.
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
7 days
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $100

Virgin Casino Bonus Code Tips: How to Unlock the Welcome Bonus

Most gamblers spend time trying to figure out how to meet the wagering requirements of a casino bonus offer, but that’s not an issue at Virgin casino because there are no wagering requirements on the welcome bonus. Instead, gamblers should spend time understanding the bonus and figuring out how to make the most of it.

  • Play high variance games – Gamblers are encouraged to play high-variance games that offer potentially large prize payouts while under the protection of the welcome bonus during the first week of playtime.
  • Bet big – To unlock the money promotion offer gamblers simply need to lose some money. As long as they don’t lose more than $100 during the first week with the casino, they can expect to be credited back for their losses, and they really have nothing to lose. That’s why gamblers are encouraged to bet big and also to deposit around $100 when joining.
  • Deposit a comfortable amount – By keeping the initial deposit to that amount, they can wager without fear and know that they are covered no matter what happens. When depositing more than $100 as a new gambler, there’s a risk of losing more than the player’s promo offer can pay back, and that’s a decision new players will have to decide if they want to take on.

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Capitalizing on the Welcome Bonus

Below are the most common five mistakes that gamblers at Virgin casino make when trying to unlock the welcome bonus. By getting to know these common issues, it’s easier to avoid them and get the full bonus money.

  1. Not betting enough – Big bets come with a chance for big wins. Take a risk during the protected period and make bigger wagers to try and unlock bigger wins.
  2. Being slow to wager – The welcome bonus only lasts for the first seven days after making the initial deposit. Make sure to take advantage of it during this period to avoid losing it.
  3. Depositing too much – Making a deposit greater than $100 comes with the risk of losing all that excess money. The free promo only protects the first $100 deposited, so gamblers that play with more than that may lose some of their money even with the bonus credit.
  4. Not depositing enough – Gamblers must make a deposit of $10 or greater to qualify for the bonus. Players should consider depositing closer to $100 in order to take full advantage of the welcome bonus for a chance at some bigger prize wins during the first week of play.
  5. Playing safe games – While this isn’t exactly a mistake, it’s better to play riskier games that offer bigger payout potential while protected by the welcome promotion for players offered at Virgin casino. That’s because the losses are covered. A potential big win is much more exciting than a small win during this period when losses are protected against.

Virgin Casino Reload Bonus & Promotions

The welcome bonus is what gets most new players excited about joining Virgin casino, but there are additional Virgin casino promotions to look forward to as well. These bonuses help reward the long-term members of the casino that decide to keep playing after the bet insurance wears off. There is a Daily Free Games bonus that is offered each day that a player visits the casino. This promotion encourages gamblers to try out different games and rewards them with shells whenever they wager at least $50. AT the end of the week, these shells are broken up, and they unlock all sorts of prizes, including free spins. Gamblers that don’t mind trying out new games can be rewarded greatly from this system.

There are also contests and special prizes and bonuses that are offered on a monthly basis. Playing specific games, making deposits, or meeting the other requirements of these promo code offers can lead to triggering all sorts of prizes and benefitting in a big way. To find out even more about the different special features of the site, see the Virgin casino guide for more information.


Virgin Casino: Often asked and answered here

Yes, new players can start making use of the ongoing promotion offers immediately. This means that they can work toward the Free Game bonuses while making use of the welcome bonus offer. New players should try and unlock as many offers as possible early on for the biggest impact.

Yes and no. The welcome bonus can be unlocked through game play on mobile, but players must make the initial deposit for the bonus on a web browser either on a mobile device or a computer. The app doesn’t offer banking tools on it. To learn more about the mobile features see the Virgin casino app review.

No, any deposit method can be used while still qualifying for the bonus option available at Virgin casino. That means players are free to use any banking method they prefer when signing up to the casino. This makes the signup process simpler.

No, there is no Virgin casino promo code that’s required to trigger the welcome bonus. This makes it even easier to unlock for everyone that joins the casino. Instead new players simply make a qualifying deposit and wagers to unlock the offer.

No, each new player that joins the casino can unlock this games promotion just by making an initial deposit and suffering a net loss during the first week of play. It’s really that easy to trigger the players promotion payout.


A Safe Bonus Opportunity
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It’s easy to see why the Virgin casino promo code opportunity is an appealing one and why many players are getting started on the site. Taking the time to join the casino will give gamblers a chance to wager without fear during their first week at the site. This can make them bolder and help improve their returns, as well. It’s an exciting experience and worth testing out for anyone looking to get into gambling. The ongoing bonuses only serve to make playing on the site even more enjoyable.
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