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Resorts Online Casino Bonus Code 2022

Deposit Bonus
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  • Deposit $1,000 & get $1,000 Bonus
  • Over 600 games & Live Dealer available
  • One of the highest bonus offers for casinos
  • Use our links & bonus code to get this bonus
Last updated: 05/03/22
Bonus Amount
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Legal InNJ
Bonus Amount100% up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus
Rollover30x Bonus Amount
Min. Deposit$10
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Min. Deposit:
30x Bonus Amount
Bonus Time:
30 days
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Michael Tradford
Last Update:
May 3, 2022
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

The Resorts Online Casino is a leading provider for gamblers in the United States in New Jersey that enjoy the variety. With more than 600 different games, it’s easy to see why so many players would want to wager there. Game variety isn’t everything, though, which is why we’re taking such a close look at the Resorts online casino bonus code offers and the different promotions in general. These promotions are essential for considering what can be gained by joining the casino. Get to know the various promotions and decide what sort of bonuses can be unlocked by wagering at the site in general. When comparing the bonuses, we’ll look at the different bonuses as well as their requirements.

Resorts Online Casino Welcome Offer: $1,000 for Your First Deposit

New players that join up with the Resorts Online Casino can get up to $1,000 in bonus funds on their very first deposit into the casino. These funds are given out after selecting the Deposit1 Resorts online casino bonus codes option and making the initial deposit. Registered members can make use of this welcome bonus a single time and then start working to make the offer cashable after that point. It takes some time to qualify for the bonus, and new gamblers will have to spend time wagering on the casino to qualify, but many players can qualify for the bonus money after joining. This bonus offer is a 100% match, and it’s only offered on the first deposit after joining the casino. There isn’t any benefit on subsequent deposits into the casino, which should be taken into account when using the offer.

Choose your deposit to calculate the bonus

Players that are interested in making the most of this bonus offer should make sure to select the right bonus code when joining the casino and start wagering soon after joining. As long as they do those two things, they shouldn’t have too much trouble unlocking the bonus money from the Resorts online casino promo code for new players in New Jersey and other areas.

Interesting Offer, but can I Deposit Using my Preferred Deposit Method?

The powerful bonus code for Resorts casino online is an excellent tool to help with getting started wagering on the site, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to make use of. Players at other casinos sometimes struggle with cashing in bonus offers because they can’t use their favorite deposit method when qualifying. That shouldn’t be an issue on the Resorts casino platform, though. The most popular deposit method is a credit or debit card transaction using Visa or MasterCard, but players also often make use of PayPal as their method of choice. No matter what method is chosen, it’s still possible to qualify for the full welcome bonus. That’s why new players should simply choose their favorite method and go with that.

Online Banking
Online Banking
ACH Payments
ACH Payments

Let’s Go: I want to register!

Once players know about the different Resorts online casino bonus codes, they’re likely to want to register and start playing on the site. Fortunately, registration is simple and can be completed in just a few minutes. From selecting the “Join” button to finalizing the registration process, most gamblers can start playing the same day they register. Below is a quick overview of the process, followed by an in-depth look at the registration process.

  • Visit the Resorts Casino website
  • Click on the “Join“ button
  • Enter in your personal details on both form pages
  • Submit the information
  • Verify your email address
  • Sign in and start playing on the casino

After pressing Join, you’ll be taken to a registration form. Fill in both pages of the form with your personal information as accurately as possible. Click on the “Submit” button to finalize the form and send in your information to the casino. Once your registration information is in, you only need to check your email and verify your email address to finalize the registration process. Once your Resorts online casino account is created, it’s simple to go through the funding process to fund your account and start playing for real money. Just make sure to select the right Resorts online casino bonus code when depositing, so you take advantage of the welcome bonus offer.

Resorts Online Casino Bonus Conditions in Detail

Making an initial deposit into the casino and getting the bonus funds added to your casino account is only the first part of the process. From there, gamblers must go through the process of unlocking the bonus funds by meeting the wagering requirements completely. The welcome bonus comes with 30x wagering requirements for gamblers playing slot games, or 150x requirements for all the other games at the casino. Players are also expected to meet these requirements within the first 30 days after adding cash into the casino’s account. That means they should begin wagering as soon as possible after making that initial funding. The sooner they begin wagering, the easier it will be to unlock the bonus offer. The bonus funds are added to the casino account the moment that players make the initiating deposit, but the funds aren’t cashable until after meeting the full wagering requirements. To learn more about what happens at the casino and the other features of the site, see our Resorts Online Casino review in full.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $1,000
Bonus Type
Deposit Bonus
Deposit $1,000 & get $1,000 Bonus
30x Bonus Amount
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
30 days
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $1,000

Tips: How to Fulfill the Wagering Requirements

The 30x slot wagering requirements are more difficult than some leading casinos for players in the USA to meet, but they are doable for gamblers that are willing to begin playing soon after joining the casino.

  • Bet big on slots – Players should begin wagering big on different slot games as quickly as they can. They should also take care to focus on slots as much as possible to avoid getting stuck with the very steep 150x wagering requiremen
  • Make an additional deposit – Gamblers should also think about making a smaller cash addition into the casino account to minimize the wagering requirements as much as possible.

By making these simple gambling decisions, new players at the casino should have an easier time qualifying for the bonus offer and walking away with that money to get started with. Even gamblers on mobile can qualify for the same bonuses and meet the wagering requirements of the casino without meeting special requirements. Read our Resorts online casino app review to learn more about playing the site on a mobile device.

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Fulfilling the Resorts Online Casino Promo Code Turnover

There are common mistakes that players are continually making while trying to qualify for the Resorts online casino promo code. By learning what those mistakes are and correcting them, players can increase their chances of unlocking the bonus funds.

  1. Playing table games like blackjack or video poker – Slots come with a 30x playthrough requirement for the welcome bonus, all other games have a 150x playthrough requirement. That’s why slots should always be used initially to qualify for the bonus money.
  2. Placing small wagers – While it’s possible to qualify for the welcome bonus with small wagers, it’s more difficult. Placing large bets will help get players through the wagering requirements more quickly.
  3. Waiting to play – Gamblers have 30 days to qualify for the bonus money after making their deposit. Waiting too long can make qualifying for the bonus very difficult to do.
  4. Making a large initial deposit – Starting with a big deposit is the way to unlock as much bonus funds as possible when joining the Resorts Online casino, but for every $1.00 deposited $30 must be wagered. Funding with a smaller amount makes it easier to unlock the bonus money.
  5. Not making additional deposits – Struggling gamblers should think about adding more cash for poker, slots, and other games to help meet wagering requirements for the bonus offer. That’s because having more money makes it easy to place larger wagers and meet the wagering requirements more quickly.

Resorts Online Casino Reload Bonus & Promotions

Resorts casino offers ongoing promotional offers that sometimes include reload bonuses as well as a pretty potent VIP program. Players can unlock free spins on the $3 Million bonus wheel regularly, and they can get entries into different ongoing contests as well. All new players that are coming from a different casino can get an immediate upgrade into the Gold rank of the VIP program by sending in a picture of the dashboard on their other casino. Gamblers can earn additional VIP comp points and unlock special bonuses and prizes over time with the casino. The long-term gamblers at the site have many different ways to earn special bonuses and rewards and can continue to unlock more of them as they spend more time on the site gambling.

While reload bonuses are rare at the casino, all the special promotional offers, free giveaways, and contests give members many different ways that they can benefit from their membership with the casino. Over time new promotions are put into place, so members should check back at the promotions page frequently to take advantage of all those different offers for the most cash and benefits for account holders gambling.


Resorts Online Casino Bonus: Often asked and answered here

Yes, the money is cashable to players that are willing to take the time to meet all the wagering requirements. That means wagering 30x the fund amount for players that stick with slot games, or 150x the fund amount for the gamblers that play non-slots games such as poker.

Yes, players must select Deposit1 right before they add their initial contribution into the casino on a new account. By choosing that option they turn on the welcome bonus offer and can unlock it easily without the use of a special code.

Yes and no. While players in different parts of the United States are eligible to use the casino, it’s important to verify that it’s legal and possible to wager at the casino in your local area. If you can legally use the casino then all the promotional offers are available as well and can be applied to different games like poker for new and old gamblers.

Yes, mobile players have access to the same promotions as everyone else using the casino. That means that everyone is free to join up with the website and start unlocking bonus funds to play with. Just remember that the same conditions must be met when earning the bonus offers on mobile.

Yes, every single game type can be used to unlock the different promotional offers. The only difference between slots and other games are that slots have 30x wagering requirements while others have 150x wagering requirements for the welcome bonus and other special offers.


A Rewarding Gambling Platform
Casino Conclusion Box Background
With the different Resorts Online casino bonus codes offers there are plenty of good reasons to become a member of the casino, but that doesn’t mean every gambler should sign up immediately. The site doesn’t offer very powerful ongoing match bonuses, which can be an issue for players that like to add money frequently for gambling. Other than that, new players can get up to $1,000 in bonus cash just for signing up, depositing and playing, and long-term members have additional opportunities to unlock. Join today and make the most of those special offers such as free money to play new games like poker and other Resorts options.
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