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Mohegan Sun Online Casino Bonus Code 2022

Deposit Bonus
up to
  • Deposit $200 & get $200 Bonus
  • Over 600 games & Live Dealer available
  • One of the highest bonus offers for casinos
  • Use our links & bonus code to get this bonus
Last updated: 06/15/22
Bonus Amount
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Legal InNJ
Bonus Amount100% up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus
Rollover30x Bonus Amount (Slots); 150x Bonus Amount (Table Games, Roulette, Video Poker)
Min. Deposit$20
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Min. Deposit:
30x Bonus Amount (Slots); 150x Bonus Amount (Table Games, Roulette, Video Poker)
Bonus Time:
30 days
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Michael Tradford
Last Update:
June 15, 2022
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

The Mohegan Sun casino is an online gambling platform that allows players to play one of the hundreds of different games for an exciting wagering experience. It is licensed in New Jersey. The casino is well-known, but the online option is newer. Gamblers interested in the platform will likely wonder about the promotions and the exclusive bonuses being offered. That’s why we’re taking the time to look at the Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code offers, including welcome offers and ongoing offers. Below we review each of the different options and consider how they are different at the Mohegan Sun casino compared to other online platforms.

Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Code Welcome Offer: $1,000 for Your First Deposit

As a new player at the casino, it’s possible to unlock up to $1,000 through the Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code offer. This simple offer gives gamblers 100% of their deposit amount up to a $1,000 deposit. That’s a whole lot of money to unlock for free, but there are conditions attached to that. The money is only available to players that deposit at least $20 into the casino before they begin wagering. The bonus is also limited to the upper range and depositing more than that won’t offer any additional bonus benefit. Still, it will make it easier to cash out the bonus offer.

Choose your deposit to calculate the bonus

After completing the initial deposit into the casino, players have a total of 30 days to claim their bonus funds. The bonus money is given out nearly instantly in the form of bonus money. Still, that bonus cash will only remain in the player’s account balance for 30 days before it is taken away if it hasn’t been converted into cash. That’s why serious players should join the site and start working toward unlocking the Mohegan Sun online bonus code payout as soon as possible. Taking this approach makes it easier to cash in on the bonus balance without losing out on it.

Interesting Offer, but can I Deposit Using my Preferred Deposit Method?

Some casinos put restrictions on the deposit method that can be used to unlock a bonus offer. The Mohegan Sun online casino isn’t one of those locations. Instead, this online casino makes it simple for players getting started because they are free to use any option that they like. Most players prefer to use a credit or debit card to complete their initial deposit because they are the quickest and simplest methods available.

If one of those payment methods isn’t used, players will rely on something like an online bank transfer or instant eCheck to get their money into the account without issues. There’s also support for the Mohegan SunCard for deposits, and of course, funds can be deposited in person at a participating location. Between all the different methods, it’s simple getting the real money needed for the Mohegan Sun online slots promo code offer. Make a deposit using one of the methods and then move on to trying to unlock the bonus money for the best results overall.

Online Banking
Online Banking
Cash at Cage
Cash at Cage
ACH Payments
ACH Payments

Let’s Go: I want to register!

Getting registered on the site is the next logical step to go through after a player decides they want to join the site. Fortunately, registration is a quick and easy process to go through. Below is our swift explanation, followed by more details.

  • Visit the casino website
  • Click the Join Now button
  • Enter your basic information and submit it
  • Submit any additional documentation required
  • Check your email and verify
  • Sign in and deposit real money
  • Play at the casino

Start by selecting the “Join Now” button on mobile or on the full platform. After pressing this button, fill out the information form with the necessary information. With the form filled out and submitted, the casino will now ask for additional documents along with email verification. Submit all this information through email and the online platform and verify your email to complete the registration process.

Once all those steps are taken, it’s possible to complete a real money deposit into the site and to try and unlock one of the Mohegan sun casino bonus offers. These offers are easy to unlock, and most don’t require any special steps to start up either. Interested players can simply make a deposit and start playing on the site, and they will eventually unlock one of the offers. It’s that simple and easy to do.

Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus Conditions in Detail

The $1,000 cash match bonus offer likely sounds tempting and exciting, but players should be aware that the offer comes with additional requirements. Players must meet the additional requirements to unlock the bonus cash and to walk away with the bonus money for withdrawal or use as regular cash. After depositing money into the casino, the bonus funds are given to the player in the form of a bonus balance. This bonus money is not the same as cash and must be converted.

Gamblers must meet all the wagering requirements in order to convert the bonus money into real money. This is a simple process, but it can be a time-consuming one depending on how much money is deposited and the size of the bonus amount. Gamblers must wager 30x the total bonus amount using slot games, or they must wager 150x the total bonus amount with roulette and video poker games. Players should avoid games like blackjack, live dealer games, and Slingo because none of them count toward the wagering requirements at all. This makes game options other than slots much more difficult to use to qualify for the welcome bonus code offer. A new account should focus on slots for this reason to qualify for the free funds sooner.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $1,000
Bonus Type
Deposit Bonus
Deposit $200 & get $200 Bonus
30x Bonus Amount (Slots); 150x Bonus Amount (Table Games, Roulette, Video Poker)
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
30 days
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $1,000

Tips: How to Fulfill the Wagering Requirements

Serious gamblers looking to fulfill the wagering requirements as quickly as possible for the Mohegan Sun online casino bonus offer should follow these simple tips to meet their requirements as fast as possible.

  • Play slot games – Start playing slot games soon after making their initial deposit.
  • Play at higher limits – The gamblers should play slots at the highest limits they are comfortable with.
  • Stick with high RTP games – It’s also helpful to choose a slot game with the highest RTP (return to player) to ensure that they save as much of their own money as possible while unlocking the deposit amount.

By taking this approach, a gambler can unlock the bonus money as soon as possible and withdraw it as winnings or start using it to gamble with as well. It’s simple to meet the requirements with high limit slots, but other games such as table games like poker will be much more challenging to use. As long as players follow these simple tips, it shouldn’t take long to go from initiating the Mohegan Sun online casino bonus code offer to actually unlocking the money from it.

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Fulfilling the Turnover

Meeting the wagering requirements of the welcome bonus can be challenging when playing at the Mohegan Sun casino online because the requirements are larger in size than what some casinos ask for. That’s why following the tips below is worth considering and can be beneficial for gamblers that want to unlock those bonus funds in less time.

  1. Starting with Too Much Money – The initial amount deposited is the amount of bonus money a player is going for up to $1,000. That means players that deposit a higher amount must meet more demanding wagering requirements up to a point. This can be overwhelming for players with a smaller bankroll. Gamblers should take care not to deposit more money than they are comfortable wagering with.
  2. Playing the wrong games – Slots are the most effective tool for meeting wagering requirements by far. No other game type can even come close to this option. Gamblers should always use slots to unlock the wagering requirements and avoid all the other options because the progress is just too slow. Games like poker will take a very long time to unlock the free funds for new or experienced players gambling.
  3. Playing for too little – Another significant issue is playing different games at limits that are just too low. With wagering requirements of at least 30x, it’s essential to be wagering a decent amount of money with each turn. Low stakes gambling will extend the amount of time that must be spent wagering before the funds can be unlocked.
  4. Being afraid to add more money – Adding an additional deposit while working to unlock the bonus money is a good idea to help speed up the process. Another deposit will give you the money you need to wager bigger and work with more currency with each turn, that speeds up playthrough progress.
  5. Taking long breaks – Some gamblers like to take breaks of many days or even a week at a time after a play session. That’s fine for standard wagering at the casino, but it’s something that should be avoided when trying to unlock the bonus amount. That’s because long breaks can use up your initial 30 days to meet the wagering requirements of the bonus offer. Instead, start gambling immediately as a new account player to avoid this issue.

Mohegan Sun Reload Bonus & Promotions

Long-term players at the Mohegan Sun online casino have access to additional promotional offers and rewards that will keep them coming back for more. There’s a special daily-spin bonus offer that rewards players just for getting on the site and playing games regularly. Players that do this are entered into a weekly drawing that can pay out thousands of dollars along with a variety of other prizes. There isn’t a code, and not only new players are eligible for this offer while gambling in New Jersey and other states.

There’s also special mobile-exclusive prize offers available to gamblers on the casino that are interested in playing on the go. To learn more about these exclusive offers and more mobile features, see the Mohegan Sun online casino app review. New offers are being added every week, and only the repeat visitors will have access to all of them. Regular players can benefit from many of the promotional offers made available, and that should enhance the experience for everyone involved at the casino.


Mohegan Sun Casino Bonus: Often asked and answered here

Yes, as long as the wagering requirements are met within the first 30 days the bonus money can be treated as cash and used to wager or withdrawn from the casino. These requirements can become difficult to meet at higher limits though.

Yes, mobile players have access to the same bonus offers and shouldn’t have any more difficulty unlocking those offers as the other players on the casino do.

No, joining the Mohegan Sun casino just for the welcome bonus would be a waste of time. There are other casinos online with the same type of bonus. The site is worth joining because of the bonus along with a massive selection of games and special features.

Customer support is always available through the live chat feature, email or a phone call to the company. Each of these options are simple to use and they are always available. Use one of the contact tools to ask for help if a problem arises.

No, new players can get started at the casino online in just a few minutes. The registration process is simple, and after getting through it it’s possible to begin wagering and working toward the bonus offers right then.


A Powerful Bonus Opportunity
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The Mohegan Sun online bonus code offer is one of the better options that you’ll get today as an online gambler. Sure, the offer is difficult to unlock, especially when getting closer to the upper limit of $1,000. That doesn’t mean that the offer is impossible to unlock, though. Many gamblers should be able to cash in on that oversized bonus. The large bonus is a good reason to start wagering at the casino online, and it’s a reason that we’ll recommend the site to you. Join today for up to $1,000 in bonus funds from the casino in free money that can be used for gambling on slots and other games such as poker or whatever you like with your new account.
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