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Harrah’s Online Casino Promo Code 2021

Deposit Bonus
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  • USD 10 FREE no deposit bonus offer
  • $300 Bonus Match deposit
  • Over 80 games & slots available
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Bonus Amount
Bonus Type
Loyalty Program
Legal InNJ
Bonus Amount100% up to $300 Deposit Bonus
Rollover5x Bonus on Slots or 25x on other games
Min. Deposit$10
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Min. Deposit:
5x Bonus on Slots or 25x on other games
Bonus Time:
7 days
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October 6, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Harrah’s online casino is a powerful wagering option for American players looking for a trusted name that offers a good selection of games to choose from. Harrah's Online Casino is licensed in New Jersey. New players at the casino will have a chance to unlock special welcome bonus offers as well, helping to make play there even more enjoyable and worthwhile. Below we go into detail about the different bonus offers and what it takes to unlock them as well. Read through our complete review to find out how the casino’s bonus offers compare to other sites and whether they are easy to unlock or difficult to collect.

Harrah’s Casino Welcome Offer: $300 for Your First Deposit

As a new member of the casino, players have access to a powerful Harrah’s online casino promo code offer that they can cash in for up to $300 in bonus money shortly after joining. The bonus offer is only good for seven days after joining, so new players will have to start playing immediately to qualify for the offer. There is a wagering requirement, and the bonus offer is paid out $10 at a time until the full amount is given out. The offer is a 100% deposit match bonus that relies on meeting wagering requirements to unlock. It’s a simple offer, but one that requires regular play to unlock as well.

Choose your deposit to calculate the bonus

To unlock this bonus offer, players must earn Tier Credits. These credits are earned by playing different games at the casino, and they are earned at different rates depending on the game. The slot games are the quickest for earning the credits, while other tools earn them more slowly. The bonus offer is good for players that deposit between $10 and $300, and a deposit larger than that doesn’t offer any additional benefits in terms of a bonus match. Gamblers that want to make the most of this special bonus offer should make a $300 deposit into the casino. Doing so will allow them to get as much as possible from the Harrah’s casino bonus program. There are additional bonus offers as well, helping to make the site interesting for everyone involved.

Interesting Offer, but can I Deposit Using my Preferred Deposit Method?

Some bonus offers at online casinos have specific depositing requirements. That’s why it’s important to note whether or not there are any deposit restrictions tied to a certain bonus type. At Harrah’s online casino, this isn’t an issue. Players prefer to deposit using PayPal or debit or credit cards in most instances, and all of these options will work just fine with the welcome bonus offer. It’s also possible to complete a deposit in person at the casino cage, using PayNearMe services or using an electronic bank transfer payment. Between these different tools, it is easy to make that initial deposit to start playing at the casino. Gamblers can easily go through registration and the deposit process in less than an hour, and start working toward the bonus offer shortly after that. For more information about payment options, minimum deposit amounts, and other restrictions, read through the Harrah online casino review and find out how it all works.

Online Banking
Cash at Cage
ACH Payments

Let’s Go: I want to register!

After getting to know all about the welcome bonus and how the offer compares to other casinos, many players will want to sign up with the casino to start playing. Fortunately, the signup process is quick and easy to go through. Below is the quick overview and an in-depth guide.

  • Visit the Harrah’s casino website
  • Choose Open Account
  • Fill in your account details
  • Submit the forms
  • Check your email from Harrah’s casino
  • Sign in to your new account
  • Deposit and play

After visiting the Harrah’s online casino website, the signup process takes just a few minutes to go through. Click on the “Open Account” button. Fill in your account details in full. Offer any identification that the casino requests of you and verify your email address by checking the email that’s sent to your email account. Do those things, and you’ll have a fully functional account that can be used to unlock Harrah's online casino promo codes and more.

After going through registration, it’s possible to complete a real money deposit in the banking section of the casino site. This process can be accomplished in just a few minutes as well, with a method like a credit or debit card or a PayPal deposit. Registration is simple and designed to make joining the site an enjoyable process as well. It’s just another reason that people may want to consider playing at Harrah’s online casino. After going through the registration and completing the initial deposit into the site, gamblers can easily start working toward meeting the requirements of the welcome bonus and unlocking a bonus payout. It's possible to get up to $300 from this bonus, which serves as a pretty good starting boost before the wagering can begin.

Harrah’s Casino Bonus Conditions in Detail

Of course, no welcome bonus would be complete without the conditions that gamblers have to go through to unlock the cash. There are several different conditions tied to the bonus cash offer that must be met. The first is a playthrough requirement, though it is a bit unique compared to other casino bonus offers. Gamblers will unlock $10 of the bonus match for every 10 Tier Credits that they earn from Harrah’s casino. These credits are earned by playing different casino games. Slot games earn the credits the fastest with 100% credit toward them. Poker games earn them the next fastest, with 20% of the money wagered going toward the credits, and the remaining table games offer just a 10% benefit toward earning credits. All the bonus funds are released in time with your ability to earn Tier Credits. Earn these credits quickly, and you’ll get $10 releases one after another. Earn them slowly, and the money will be given out slowly.

The Harrah’s online casino promo code offer is also tied to a 7-day timeframe. Gamblers must unlock as much of the bonus match as they can within the first seven days of play. Whatever isn’t unlocked during that period if forfeited. Interested gamblers should start wagering immediately after joining the site to work toward the goal as effectively as possible. It takes time to unlock the full bonus amount, but playing on slots and playing at higher limits will speed up this process dramatically.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $300
Bonus Type
Deposit Bonus
Deposit $250 & get $250 Bonus
5x Bonus on Slots or 25x on other games
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
7 days
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $300

Tips: How to Fulfill the Wagering Requirements

Interested gamblers trying to unlock the full Harrah’s casino bonus code cash amount will want to wager in a certain way at the casino. By following these simple guidelines, players should be able to uncover most of the bonus money rapidly and easily.

  • These gamblers should be placing wagers on slot games as often as possible, and they should be playing at higher limits to go even more quickly. Slots work to generate Tier Credits as quickly as possible, and higher limit slits will help you unlock them even more rapidly.
  • With some online casinos, it’s essential to avoid depositing too much when going after the initial welcome bonus because the higher deposits make the bonus more challenging to unlock. That’s not the case here, though. Players unlock a portion of their bonus offer in $10 increments, so large deposits and small deposits are just a simple to unlock.
  • For this reason, players can improve their chances of unlocking more and unlocking bonus funds more quickly with a larger initial deposit. More money in the account makes it easier to play at higher limits and to play the different slot games for longer as well.

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Fulfilling the Turnover

There are a lot of simple mistakes possible that many new players make when joining Harrah’s online casino when trying to unlock the welcome bonus. Below are the five most common mistakes and tips to help avoid making them.

  1. Not Depositing Enough - It’s always good to deposit more rather than less when trying to earn bonus cash. Not only does a larger deposit qualify a player for earning more bonus cash, but it gives them more money to wager to work toward meeting the playthrough requirements as well. Between those two benefits, it’s easy to see why gamblers would want to make larger deposits when first joining the casino site.
  2. Playing the Wrong Games - Some gamblers are playing the wrong games, and that is really slowing them down toward meeting their playthrough requirements. Players need to ensure that they are wagering on slot games as often as possible and that they are avoiding the table games, particularly games like Blackjack, that only count 10% toward earning Tier Credits when they are used.
  3. Starting Too Late - There are just seven days to unlock the bonus offer, and after that, the remaining bonus funds are lost. Gamblers sometimes make the mistake of waiting a few days to start playing at the site. This is a real issue and could keep you from meeting your requirements. It’s best to start as soon as possible to ensure that the requirements are met adequately. Gamblers should play as often as possible, especially shortly after joining up with the site.
  4. Placing Small Wagers - The size of the wager is just as important as how long a player sits and goes through a session on a slot game. That’s why it’s so crucial for gamblers to wager as much as they comfortably can. Larger wagers will count more toward the playthrough requirements so that they can be met more quickly. Gamblers with less time to play will have to make larger wagers to still meet their requirements effectively.
  5. Playing Too Little - It takes time to make it through the casino’s playthrough requirements even when wagering at the higher limits on different slot games. A major mistake that can keep gamblers from meeting their requirements is playing too little. It’s important to have some longer play sessions to wager enough money to qualify to unlock the bonus offer fully.

Harrah’s Casino Bonus Code Reload Bonus & Promotions

Harrah’s online casino offers gamblers ongoing bonus offers as well as the welcome bonus offers. These special bonuses are given randomly and at different intervals, which should help keep ongoing players interested and looking forward to more as they spend time at the casino. Currently, gamblers can unlock a mystery bonus offer that’s worth between $10 and $50 randomly. This bonus offer is unlocked by making a deposit into the casino and using the code MYSTERY at the same time. This is just one of the many different promotional offers that is made available by the casino. Long-term gamblers should take a moment to look through the promotional page before they complete another deposit or start wagering for the day. There are some fascinating bonus offers available to the right players.


Harrah’s Casino Bonus: Often asked and answered here

Yes, once the bonus money is earned it is treated the same as cash. There are playthrough requirements that must be met in order to unlock the bonus funds though, so keep that in mind when playing at the casino.

Tier Credits are a special kind of currency that’s earned at Harrah’s online casino. They can be used the same way as reward points are, and they are earned for playing different games on the site platform. Slot games earn them the fastest, but all the games on the site will slowly earn Tier Credits for use with other programs.

No, joining Harrah’s is a quick process that most players can go through in just a few minutes. Registering for an account only requires filling out a short form. From there players can make a real money deposit and start playing at the casino right away.

Yes, gamblers can unlock the no deposit bonus and any winnings generated from it by wagering the money enough. For slots the playthrough requirement is 1x, with roulette and poker it’s 5x and it’s 10x with video poker and blackjack.

Yes, mobile players unlock the welcome bonus offer and other bonus offers on mobile all the time. These different offers are simple to unlock and can be triggered by any gamblers that take the time to meet all the different requirements.


Enticing Bonus Offers
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Even though Harrah’s online casino doesn’t offer the most lucrative bonus offers available today, the casino does a good job at making its bonus offers accessible. The Harrah’s online casino promo code offer can be unlocked in $10 increments, which makes it simple for most gamblers to get at least some of the bonus money over time. There are also several different additional offers that can be unlocked as well. This gives long-term players something to look forward to over time. Between these different benefits, it’s easy to see why players would want to join and start wagering at Harrah’s online casino. Sign up yourself and get up to $300 just for playing at the casino!
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