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FanDuel Casino Bonus Code 2022

up to
  • USD 200 RISK-FREE bonus offer
  • FanDuel Casino pays losses back incurred within your first 24 hours
  • One of the best bonus offers for casinos
  • Use our links & bonus code to get this bonus
Last updated: 06/05/22
Bonus Amount
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Legal InNJ, PA, WV, MI
Bonus Amount100% up to $200 Cashback
Rollover1x Bonus Amount
Min. DepositN/A
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Min. Deposit:
1x Bonus Amount
Bonus Time:
24 hours
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June 5, 2022
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

When getting started at a new casino, one of the first things that we look at is the available bonus offer, and the FanDuel casino promo code offer is an impressive one. New gamblers that get started at the site have vast bonus options to work with and a chance to unlock a severe amount of cash as well. FanDuel Casino is licensed in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

In the review below, we’ll look at the steps to unlock the mighty welcome bonus, as well as some of the other bonus offers and how they compare to other sites. The FanDuel online casino bonus code offer can be unlocked over time, and it’s something that most players will work toward as members of the FanDuel platform. Still, only those that fully understand the bonus offer will be able to make the most of it. Learn more about that below.

FanDuel Casino Bonus Welcome Offer: $200 Cashback after Your First Deposit

As a new member of the FanDuel casino, it’s possible to get up to $200 cashback in bonus cash after putting money in to play initially. This is made available through a 100% cashback within the first 24 hours after the registration. After the registration the new player is 24 hours risk-free. All losses up to $200 will get refunded on the players account. The FanDuel promo code is initiated immediately after you sign up to the page, make a real money deposit, and begin wagering online.

The FanDuel casino promo code bonus is only available on the initial deposit with the casino when joining during the promotion period.

Choose your deposit to calculate the bonus

After meeting the bonus requirements, players will be credited with the bonus funds within a few days. With the bonus funds available, gamblers can place wagers on different games, or once they meet the playthrough requirements, they can pull the money out. There are many additional bonus offers available on the casino platform, as well. Still, new gamblers favor this welcome bonus above all the others because it’s generous, and it gives players a way to multiply their starting balance.

Interesting Offer, but can I Deposit Using my Preferred Deposit Method?

Most players will do their best to use the FanDuel online casino promo offer when joining up with the FanDuel platform. Still, a favorite deposit method to take advantage of the offer is a credit or debit card deposit. Both of these simple banking tools work almost immediately, and they’re compatible with the bonus offer, making them excellent tools for getting funds into the account to begin wagering and unlocking bonus cash. Along with those standard payment tools, there are other payment methods available to interested players, as well. PayPal is an accepted deposit and withdrawal solution on the site, and so are bank transfers and in-person deposits and withdrawals. It’s even possible to add money in person at local stores like 7/11 locations for the players that don’t want to use electronic payment solutions to fund their accounts. These different tools are easy to use, and there are enough to make moving funds comfortable for most players. The FanDuel casino bonus can be unlocked with any payment method, so gamblers must choose the method they like best.

Online Banking
Online Banking
Apple Pay
Apple Pay

Let’s Go: I want to register!

After learning about the bonus offer, it’s common to want to register to play at the FanDuel casino and start working toward the exciting bonus offer. Fortunately, registration with FanDuel is a quite simple process. Have a look at the list below and find more details about the registration procedure.

Quick Registration Details

  • Visit the FanDuel website
  • Choose the Sign-Up button at the top of the screen
  • Enter in your personal information into the secure form
  • Double-check your email for a verification email from FanDuel
  • Open the email and click the link for verification
  • Submit requested identification information to FanDuel support
  • Sign in to your account and make a real money deposit to play

Interested players must visit the FanDuel casino website and select the Sign-Up button. Once they do that, they’ll be taken to a web form and asked to enter personal information such as email address, name, and other relevant details. Fill out the form and submit it to create the account.

Once a FanDuel casino account is created, it’s time to verify the account and to make it work properly. Visit your email address and verify that the email works properly. Provide any license identification requested, and the account should be active and usable. Sign in to the account and choose a deposit method. Deposit into the account, but make sure it’s large enough to qualify for as much of the FanDuel casino registration bonus code offer as possible. Players that add in the full $2,500 on the first deposit will get the biggest bonus payout possible from the casino after joining. Once the deposit is complete, it’s possible to get on the account and start wagering and playing online. For more information about the registration process and additional features at the operator, see our FanDuel casino review.

FanDuel Casino Bonus Code Conditions in Detail

The FanDuel casino bonus is a powerful one, but it isn’t without conditions. From putting in money to play to withdrawing the bonus funds and treating them like cash, there are conditions to be aware of. Players must sign up and make their initial deposit during the promotional period that the welcome bonus is available. During that period, 100% of the money lost in the first 24 hours in the FanDuel casino account is rewarded to the player in the form of bonus cash on the platform. That cash can be used for wagering purposes, but it cannot be withdrawn or treated like standard cash, at least not in the beginning.

The bonus funds are given out within a few days of making some initial qualifying losses. Once the 24 hours are complete, players only have to wait for the funds from the FanDuel casino bonus code offer to be credited to the account. Once the cashback is credited, it can be used for wagering purposes conveniently. There are playthrough requirements before the bonus funds can be withdrawn from a FanDuel account. Players must meet 1x playthrough requirement before the funds are treated like cash. Slot games played will count toward these wagering requirements 100%.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $200
Bonus Type
Bet & lose $200 & get $200 Bonus
1x Bonus Amount
No bonus less than $5 will be awarded
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
24 hours
No, this bonus isn’t cashable
100% up to $200

FanDuel Casino Promo Code Tips: How to Fulfill the Wagering Requirements

The FanDuel online casino bonus code offer comes with 1x wagering requirements before the bonus funds can be used as standard cash. These wagering requirements are simple to meet, but some rules around the playthrough requirements must be realized. Gamblers should realize that slots count 100% towards the playthrough requirements, but everything else counts to a lesser extent. Roulette games are the next most effective counting toward the requirements at 50%, but the remaining table games offered only count 10% toward the playthrough requirements.

The way that the requirements work, a gambler must wager the full bonus amount 1 time before it can be taken out and enjoyed like cash. That means if a player loses $200 and claims a $200 cashback bonus from the FanDuel site, they must bet that cash at least 1 time when playing slots or make $200 in wagers on slot games. When playing roulette, the requirements rise to $400, and the number of bets is even higher for other types of games. These requirements are easy to meet, but they can be exceeded during standard wagering, and many gamblers can unlock the bonus cash and withdraw it after meeting the requirements put in place. There are plenty of gambling options to play with while unlocking the free funds from the casino.

Top 5 Common Mistakes in Fulfilling the Turnover

Please read the 5 points below very carefully because if you don’t, it could reduce your future win money. Wagering should be fun but it also is a very difficult way to win or – if you are not careful enough – loose money. Keep that in mind and enjoy the games.

  1. Not maximizing the first deposit – All the bonus money is given out based on the initial deposit. Not depositing enough right away can lead to lower bonus payouts and less money overall. New members should deposit as much as they can the very first time to unlock as much in bonus funds as possible.
  2. Trying to unlock as an existing member – The FanDuel casino promo code offer is only available for gamblers that are new to the FanDuel platform and just joining. Existing members can’t use the new bonus offer even if they haven’t used it in the past.
  3. Trying to withdraw the bonus funds without meeting the playthrough requirements – Many players try to withdraw their bonus funds after unlocking them without meeting the necessary playthrough requirements. That’s why it’s essential to know about the 1x requirements and to actively wager with the bonus money to try and unlock it.
  4. Not understanding playthrough percentages – Different game types work toward the playthrough requirements at different rates. Slots are much more effective for meeting playthrough requirements than something like blackjack is. Gamblers that try to meet the wagering requirements with something like blackjack or poker might become frustrated at how long it takes. To remedy this issue, play more slot games or roulette games because they count 100% and 50% toward the requirements, respectively.
  5. Not making a real money deposit soon enough – Players that let their account sit for 365 days without making a real money deposit will be disqualified from using this bonus offer. Also, players that create an account and wait until after the bonus offer is no longer offered will lose out on the bonus. The key is to make a real money deposit soon after signing up for an account at the FanDuel casino website and then to start gambling with that for a chance at free money.

FanDuel Casino Reload Bonus & Promotions

There isn’t just a welcome bonus for new players at the FanDuel casino. There are also special bonus offers available to long-term players that keep coming back again and again. These gamblers can enjoy preferred VIP customer status, chances at bonus cash, and more over time. Players that make use of the Betfair preferred card will have the ability to deposit more money, move money around more quickly, and also to enjoy added VIP perks at the casino website. To qualify for this special status, players must use the card to make at least one deposit. They also need to be a member of the site for at least 60 days. After meeting those simple requirements, these long-term players can deposit a higher amount, move more money around regularly, and maintain an account balance of up to $100,000. That’s a lot of money even for most high-rollers that want to place the big wagers while playing at the site.

Long-term players can also benefit from the referral program that’s in place if they are bringing in new players to the casino. For each person you bring to the casino, you’ll enjoy a total of $30 in cash rewards. That’s a pretty nice incentive for bringing new players to the site and for helping to build up the casino as well. Referred players also get $10 in bonus credits when they sign up for an account and begin playing.


FanDuel Casino Bonus: Often asked and answered here

Yes, the offer requires gamblers to meet 20x playthrough requirements after qualifying for the funds. Certain games apply more toward these requirements than others do, so it’s important to account for that as well.

No, gamblers must be from one of the approved states like New Jersey in order to wager with real money at the website.

Yes, FanDuel is currently offering a $10 no-deposit bonus offer that can be obtained just by going through the registration process. This bonus can be used to test out the website and its features without spending real money.

Yes, it’s possible to fully unlock the welcome bonus using a mobile device. All the standard features are available on mobile. For more information about the mobile experience, see this FanDuel casino app[FanDuel casino app] review.


An Impressive Bonus Offer
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New players at the FanDuel casino website have a very compelling reason to become members and to start playing on the platform. Joining is simple, and with up to $200 in bonus funds available to new players, serious gamblers have much to gain by joining the site and getting started playing around. Consider joining the FanDuel website yourself, and you could get thousands in bonus cash that same week. It’s easy to qualify for the bonus funds, though it might take some time for you to unlock the money once you earn it.
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