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April 3, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Videoslots in 2021: How win at Video slot

The video slot is an offspring of years of invention, innovation, and modification. The gaming and gambling industry has experienced these changes in the aspect of a slots machine to further reiterate its consistent growth in the aspect of betting. The Electronic slot is advantageous with better improvement and better features for better user experience. Players can also access video slots online with the benefits that come with it. These benefits include ease of play, convenience, and free bonus offers. Players can get to enjoy a better colorful graphic interface with so much online video slot casino games and updates.

Highlights of video slot
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  • Video slot can be land-based or online

  • The machines have improved features

  • The video slot is easier with simple rules and processes

  • Players can also choose from their variations

Video Slot Transformations

The video slot is an offspring of years of innovation and invention in the slot gaming world. The gambling industry experienced a new injection of gambling through the slots machine. The slot machine started with a mechanical lever which was first invented by Sittman and Pitt called ‘the precursor.’ A new dimension of slot became visible with the demotion of the lever system and the promotion of more improved lever-less electronic machine with visual displays to aid the gambling experience of users in a land-based casino. Unlike the video slot styles, traditional slots machine had in them spinning reels whose combinations determine the winnings and payouts.

The advent of the electronic slot digitalized spinning reels with random number generations and a visual representation imitating the spinning reels. Fortune coin company pioneered and invented the first video slot machine for use in a land-based casino. The ever-changing and advancing gaming and gambling industry has added high dynamism and color, which makes it more attractive and interesting. This advancement is very obvious in Las vegas casinos with so much energy and attractive colors.

Online and Land-based Casino Video Slot

Land-based casinos are places with so much, offering various gambling services and games and a very enabling environment from table games to card and slot machines. Most casinos have video slots with seats for each video slot machine. Players are seated on chairs are faced to their machines with various controls. In many towns, you can easily locate one by googling video slots near me for easy access and location.

Features of land-based video slots

  • The Pay line: This is a row that displays the combinations and tells when the spins align to determine the winnings of the player. The slots display screen carries the pay lines. When certain symbols align as detailed in the paytable, the player wins a price as determined by the same paytable. A pay line can be one or more depending on the casino slots machine.
  • The paytable- the paytable as the name describes is a table that shows possible winnings for various alignment or combinations after a reel spin in the slots. The paytable is usually at the top of the display screen. Players get to see the slots winning symbol combinations and bonuses.
  • The Coin/cash tray- the payouts are made in real coins. The coin tray in a slot apparatus consists of the coins from which players get paid. At the bottom of the slot apparatus lies the coin tray. It pays out coins at the request of the player or when the pay line is activated.
  • The Slots Lever- this feature has changed purpose overtime from its mechanical function of activating reel spins to monumental design. It used for preserving the traditional look of the older casino slot types. Buttons in slots have replaced the traditional lever function.
  • The Play Buttons: These include the spin button, bet buttons, and the cash out buttons.

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Advantage of the Online Video Slot

The online video slot is an alternative to the obtainable land-based casino video slot games. With the growing influence of the internet on our daily lives and the popularity of smartphone devices, the video slot has become accessible on our PCs and mobile devices through the online platform. Players get to enjoy some certain slots privileges which the land-based slots casino cannot fully guarantee. These include;

  • Convenience- a major advantage of using the online variation of the slot machine is that it provides higher-level ease of play when compared with the traditional Vegas slot machines. Players can play from the comfort and convenience of their location and time. The availability of slots online games anywhere and anytime on request gives it an edge over the land-based slots casino type.
  • Access to updates- online slot play avails players the opportunity to have access to latest video slot games and software update on their computer or mobile devices— a feature which is not easily available or slowly implemented in land-based slots casino.
  • Bonus- since most online video slots providers are always looking for more player base through the online slots, they get many juicy offers in the form of bonus. Players enjoy many promotional offers such as free spins, free credit to spin and other free bonuses. A free bonus is used to increase high patronage.
  • Privacy- the players through the online video slot play can play from any location and place without the knowledge of others. They enjoy a lot of privacy while they play their game compared with the land-based video slot in casinos. Players can feel free to play in their private locations.
  • Mobile friendly- smartphones can play the online version of the video slot. With a better user interface and high graphics implementation, players get the best slots experience while using their smartphones to play games. Some slots app also gives a free bonus for new downloads. Players can play games like vegas on their phones and even win money.

Rules and processes

Every game has its rules and processes to play the game for fairness. Rules and game processes also extend to the video slots machines in land-based casinos and on the online versions. The slot rules and processes are simple and do not require much from the player. These simple rules and processes make video slots one of the easiest gambling games for players to participate in. The machines do virtually all the thinking leaving players to just pushing the slots button to begin play.

  • Money- before a player can play a game or the virtual reels spun, the player needs money, coins or credit. The absence of money or credit to play slots will not be possible unless there is an available free bonus for free play. The major driver for play is money to place a wager or bet.
  • Paylines- pay lines in the video slot is not only limited to one. Slot machines also vary in the number of pay lines they have ranging from 1 to 25 or more. Players have to decide the number of pay lines they want to use on slots, and wager their coins or set their credits for each pay line.
  • Button- each game begins with the spin of the reel and ends when each spin stops. Players have to push the buttons to implement a reel spin for the games. The credits wager is also set using the credit buttons. There is also the ‘cash out’ button for players to get their winnings.
  • Winnings- the winnings are dependent on the alignment of symbols on the pay line. When there is alignment on slots as noted in the payout table, the player gets his wins. The payout table determines how much a player wins for each symbol combination. Players get their winnings via the coin tray or get credited as the case may be.

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Variations of the Video slot

All video slot machines have a very common feature such as the virtual reel and the Random number generators for games. However, there exist certain differences from one video slot to another.

  • The reels- video slot can be differentiated based on their virtual reels. Some have three reels, and some others have five reels. A slot apparatus can be differentiated based on this.
  • Payline- the number of pay lines can vary from one video slot machine to another. Some slot machines have many pay lines, while others have fewer pay lines.
  • Progressive or fixed jackpot- video slot machine can either be fixed or progressive jackpot machine. This factor can be used to differentiate between video slot type too. A casino might have fixed or progressive slots or both.

The new dawn in Video slot

The video slot has become very popular in America accounting for a large revenue in Tax for Government. In may the Pennsylvania commission published $209,579,851.21, as gross revenue from slot machines in 12 casinos.

This popularity owns to the fact that slot machines are easy and very much appreciated. With a dedication to better service delivery through technological innovations in the gaming and gambling industry and the increasing participation, the video slot has grown to be a very acceptable game in various casinos. It’s easier, and payouts are quite quick. With increasing patronage strategies such as free spins, free bonuses, registrations, and apps download, the popularity will be exponential in the coming years.

Which Operators Offer the Best Slot game?

Finding operators that give great games and nice payout platforms is quite a bother, you might have to search for a while before you finally get one. However, we have helped solve that issue through our slot Operator which offers you a long list of top notch casino operators with the slot games and fast and hassle free payment platforms.  All you need to do visit our is to select the best operator to start up with from our Online Casino Comparison page and start playing and earning.

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Play and Win at Video Slot
Conclusively, the video slot is a metamorphosis of the first traditional and mechanical slot machine- the precursor. The video slot machines have become very popular and acceptable among the American populace. The large tax revenue from the game proves this fact. Video slot machines are easier, much fun, convenient, and guarantees winnings. Also, the online variation of the video slot makes it much more attractive for the mobile populace who need convenience, privacy, access to updates, and promo, which comes with it.  Players can also choose between various video slot machines to play with based on their, pay line, reel number, or whether they are progressive or fixed. You can also get more information on how to play slot and slot wins.
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