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SugarHouse Casino Contact: Get in Touch at Any time!

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  • SugarHouse Casino offers live chat and email support
  • Call the SugarHouse Casino phone number on 877-477-3715
  • SugarHouse Casino uses 4 email formats
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SugarHouse Casino falls into the category of the finest sports bookies in the current US market. The site was founded by Rush Street Interactive, a brand new king of iGaming company, with a strong focus on the development of both real cash and social casinos.  SugarHouse was awarded its gaming license by Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board back in 2006 and was one of only five companies that managed to do so. Today SugarHouse operates in different legal states. SugarHouse Casino contact is made simple and the entire platform is available via their website at They also have dedicated SugarHouse casino phone numbers and offer live and email support every day starting at 9:30 am and ending at 2 am.

SugarHouse Casino Contact: Further Information

The SugarHouse Casino leads the market as one of the top American bookmakers. Started by Rush Street Interactive, the operator is a part of a family of products that offer top-notch services to players from all over the USA. The physical SugarHouse casino is Philadelphia's hottest gaming destination on the waterfront with thrilling slots and table games, live entertainment and delicious restaurants.

SugarHouse offers players a chance to get involved in legal sports betting for real cash in a live setting in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other states. They recently opened their first online bookmakers in the Commonwealth in Pennsylvania. The online platform for gaming offers various casino games including slots, table games and other casino titles. Apart from casino games, SugarHouse is also set to launch an online poker platform later on.

SugarHouse Casino Contact

The SugarHouse Casino is available as both a physical ( and web/mobile sportsbook version ( that replicates the real thing and provides an interactive experience when on the go. Both platforms feature a Help Center feature that provides comprehensive answers to frequently asked questions about operator's promotions and bonuses as well as other parts of the operation.

The SugarHouse Casino website features a page with all the contact details with a contact form where customers can make their complaints or comments. You will be required to provide your name and email, but you can also include some extra info like your card level, card number, a rating before clicking on submit. The page also provides the SugarHouse casino address:


1001 N. Delaware Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19125

SugarHouse casino phone number: 877-477-3715.

Finally, the page shows the address of their human resources office in case of complaints about staff.


1080 N. Delaware Avenue

Suite 800

Philadelphia, PA 19125

Unfortunately, the online SugarHouse website doesn’t have a contact us page or a phone number for questions or general enquires. However, the operator does have a contact us section, which players can use every day from 9:30 in the morning to 2 in the morning. Both live chat and email are supported within the section.

The SugarHouse Sportsbook parent company, Rush Street Interactive, features a contact page on their website which has several contact details for general information, investors, and media:

  • General information:


  • Investors


  • Media


The SugarHouse Casino Online Platform

The SugarHouse online casino is a part of the Kambi Group, which is a known European bookmaker. Kambi Group is also involved with other popular gaming operators including 888Casino.

During 2019, the Kambi Group processed Nevada’s first online bet outside the city following the repealing of act that was banning sports betting nationwide. This occasioned a rising tide of many states now openly making sports betting legal. First non-Nevada sports bets were made, following a supreme court decision that unbanned sports betting nation wide and allowed multiple states to legalize sports betting.

The implication of this is that customers who are already registered at the Company’s online casino have the upsides of a single wallet and all the other perks that come from using the platforms. The customers who are registered on Sugarhouse have access to the Sugarhouse’s iRush Rewards promo by just playing games either on the Casino or the Sportsbook platform and stake up the Loyalty and Bonus points acquired. These can then be exchanged at a later point.

Using the SugarHouse Casino Platform

The SugarHouse Casino is available as both a mobile app and a web browser version that offers a great user experience anywhere and anytime. The platform is highly customized and well optimized, which makes very easy to use by the players. It is fast and streamlined, thus, it is almost impossible for players and users to get lost or confused while using the app. It is highlighted with a unique combination of red and grey colors, making on-screen text and icons very visible to users and players.

On the homepage of the SugarHouse casino, players can access ten different pages by clicking the icons on the left hand site menu. These include:

  • Home
  • Casino
  • Promotions
  • Restaurants
  • Entertainment
  • Meetings & Events
  • Visit
  • com
  • Casino4fun
  • Download our app

Clicking or hovering on the ‘Casino’ option opens up several gaming options including;

  • Slots
  • Table games
  • Progressives
  • Poker room
  • Asian gaming
  • Sports betting
  • Player development executives
  • Rush rewards
  • Credit
  • Win/loss

The homepage sports a control panel that displays how much has been awarded in slots winnings each year. You can find a loin button right below the website, to the left-hand side of the screen. There is also an entertainment and events section, which highlights coming events in the Casino.

The platform has more details for users on their website than most other online casinos provide. Thus, it is very to come across useful information and make decisions quicker. They also provide a good variety of betting types and options. This includes alternate spreads and totals. All in all, these experiences are more wholesome compared to some competitors.

Creating an account on SugarHouse casino

New players will have to get started by signing up for a free player account, which unlocks all the options of the website. Users can do this through the desktop or mobile version. The app is currently only made available to Android device users. However the web version can be accessed via the following button:

  • SugarHouse PA
  • SugarHouse NJ

Once you arrive at the home page, you can click the orange button that says Join Now which is located at the top right of the screen. Once you click it on either desktop of mobile version of the site, the registration process will initiate. The operator will require you to provide some information including:

  • A unique username and password
  • An email address you own
  • Potential promotional codes

Players who already have access to Rush Reawards or have a SugarHouse Casino4Fun account can join the SugarHouse Sportsbook through a speedy process of registration that uses the same information as their existing accounts.

Once you have provided all the necessary information, an account confirmation will be required. This is completed with a click on a link provided in an email sent to the player. Once this step is completed, the player becomes fully verified and can start making real money deposits and playing the actual games.

Want to Know More?

The SugarHouse Casino provides fantastic online gambling options for all US players interested in casino gaming. Check it out and create a free player account today. You can start playing for free immediately and get in touch with the operator's customer support for any additional information or assistance.

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