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October 3, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

MYB Offshore Casino 2021

Once you are searching the web from the coziness of your home, you enter the growing, rich world of online casino gaming and you have a huge number of options to pick from when one is searching for the best, top online gaming casino to play the best, most iconic casino games at. We enjoy the bonuses and look for those with a good review. Technology has allowed playing a casino game become mobile. There are many legitimate casinos to choose from, but they are usually mixed up with illegal casinos which we also refer to as offshore sites. These sites are prohibited for play in the majority of the US states which consider these sites illegal. These are sites whose headquarters or offices are situated or have their base in countries outside the USA. They also usually get their licenses abroad.

MYB Casino is one of these offshore casinos. Although it is fairly new and was established in 2017. They have a lot of great games like slots, blackjack, roulette, live games and poker, and a welcome bonus. Still, it is illegal to play a game like video poker, live games, slots or blackjack on this site. We do don’t give this site any recommendations. Read this MYB casino reviews to find more relevant information

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is It Legal to Play at MYB Casino?

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It isn’t legal to play a game like video poker, slots, live games or blackjack at MYB Casino or any other offshore operator because of specific laws and restrictions that have been put into place. Although these laws can be viewed as quite uncertain sometimes, this is because, in the USA, the states have different requirements and views concerning offshore operators and mobile gaming as a whole. In many states in the United States, it is considered illegal to gamble or bet online if you’re physically present in that state, and these rules include offshore gambling casinos. Therefore, it isn’t legal to play games like video poker and blackjack on these casinos in those states, or even accept a bonus, and it can attract legal consequences.

You might wonder what type of consequences a player would face for simply betting at MYB Casino, but there are legal, financial, and personal repercussions. Firstly, if caught, you could be sent to jail for, at most, one year. Or, you could even end up in prison for several months, pay a fine, or get let off with community service. Your bank is also not allowed to permit transactions to offshore sites because of the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act which has been active since 2006. When you make these transactions, your bank account can get closed. Thus, it isn’t legal to play games like blackjack, slots and video poker at MYB casino or other offshore operators. If you are interested in learning more about the legality of gambling in the states in general, go to our the Wire Act page for more relevant information.

That’s Why You Shouldn’t Bet at This Operator

There is a number of reasons suggesting that you stay away from offshore gambling and betting sites such as the one we discuss here. Some of these include serious legal consequences while there are many others as listed below.

No legal recourse

When you willingly play a game like slots, blackjack, roulette, live games, poker, deposit into the casino or even just collect their bonuses; you are violating the legislation and law. Also, you intentionally accept the terms and conditions that apply and deposit money to them money freely. Seeing as these offshore casinos don’t have offices that are within your reach, what do you do when the casino disappears? Or, the offshore operator could refuse to pay you your earnings, especially when you have big winnings. When such a thing happens, you have no legal right to sue in court. The operator would be unreachable and based on foreign land, and you would be blamed for breaking the law instead. This is one crucial reason why you should steer clear from offshore operators; they cannot be held accountable.


It is also very risky to put your financial and personal details into the hands of an offshore operator. Since they cannot be held accountable, there might be cases of theft or stolen identities. Also, these online gaming venues frequently fail when it comes to protecting their players, and they don’t usually have extreme security measures.


Offshore casinos active in the United States are no strangers to rigging their games in favor of the house and not the player. They sometimes rig the random number generation (RNG) program of one game in such a way that the players hardly win or don’t win at all. Some of them also cheat players with the excessive charges that they place on winnings, making it challenging to withdraw earnings when considering the costs. Also, still on the topic of cheating players, we have cases of unreasonable terms and conditions, which they also change when they see fit.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

MYB Casino Check: All You Need to Know

The MYB Casino is pretty new to the online gaming world. It began its operation in 2017, which means that it’s still trying to get its footing in the industry. The casino is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao, while we all know that Curacao is a place known for its friendliness to issuing online gambling licenses. The MYB casino is illegal and not recommended.

Casino Games and Live Casino

When it comes to the MYB Casino gaming library offered to its customers, registered members can access loads of slot games, classic table games including Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, alongside video poker games and many different live dealer casino games including Live Roulette and Live Blackjack among others.


Just like the usual casinos, MYB Casino features a lot of bonuses and promotions for new and existing players. The main gift is the Welcome Bonus to see on the site, which is a 200% bonus that is up to $100. The bonus is very generous and attracts a lot of new players. The bonus is only open to new players, the highest deposit for the complete bonus is at $500, and the waging requirement for the bonus is set at 30x the sum of the deposit and bonus. This bonus and its requirement is quite high for a new online casino.

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Payment Methods

To fund your MYB casino account you have the following options available to you:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • ACH
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Money Gram
  • EChecks
  • Person to Person
  • Deposit by phone

Also, to withdraw your earnings, you would have to use the following options:

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • EChecks
  • Person to person

User Interface/Usability

Seeing as it’s a new casino, it isn’t surprising that the casino is very classy and modern. It is easy to explore the site, and you would not have to look far before you find what you are looking for. The casino is tidy, and the game has filters that allow you to instantly switch from a game, like slots, to another game, like tables games. The interface makes it fun to play a game and everyone who uses it has a positive review. It also looks good on mobile phones and is best for mobile gambling. They use leading software which they acquire from one of the best betting software companies around which is BetSoft, making it a trusted online casino, although they still have glitches in their software. Even with this, they have a positive review because BetSoft is a leading site.

Customer Service

If a player needs help at MYB Casino, the player needs to contact them using these three ways; it could be email, phone number, or Live Chat. The Live Chat would not be available to anyone who hasn’t opened an account with the casino and made a deposit. This is the most efficient way to contact their customer service agents and all of these can be done from the mobile phone because of BetSoft technology.

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The Future of Offshore Casino Sites

Taking into account the rate at which these offshore operators and US players come into contact with each other, the future of such sites which operate without necessary licenses in the United States is rather shaky. The US began curbing these foreign operators thanks to the poker boom, that happened in the 2000s. Because of the practices of the unlicensed and illegal online casinos at that time, such as luring players, cheating them, and refusing to inform them that they aren’t allowed in such a site; the USA drew up laws to curb these casinos. These offshore sites claimed that they had been licensed by the government when they were not, and as a result of this, convincing players to sign up. The government passed laws like UIGEA and put up organizations like the NJDGE to limit and discourage US players from using those casinos.

These practices are still carried on today, in spite of the laws put in place, and so this doesn’t guarantee a bright future of casino sites we refer to as offshore sites when it comes to their operations in the United States. In fact, in the near future, the United States Supreme Court might even impose stricter rules with more severe punishments and actual implementation of these laws to stop the offshore casino sites.

Because of this future expectation, the online gaming industry looks like it would take a big blow if the problem of offshore betting is not curbed.

Disclaimer: Don’t play here

Justice background is a 100% legal portal licensed by U.S. authorities that exclusively recommends and promotes legal online providers. The information on offshore providers published here is for informational purposes only and is intended to show the negative consequences that the use of these providers can have. We neither recommend nor link these providers in any way. We also have no business connection with these providers. Please only play with 100% legal and licensed US providers that are shown in our comparison and regulated by US authorities. Only with these providers, you can play safely and reliably.


Most Common Questions of Players

Licensed sites are regulated and monitored, and so these online venues can protect your information by making sure that your online casino is following the safety protocols. The NJDGE is in charge of screening and regulating these casinos to prevent these reoccurrences.

You can face legal consequences and protection when playing at offshore gaming platforms like MYB Casinos. You would be arrested for illegal gambling and would have to either spend time in jail or pay a fine. But the possibility of you being prosecuted is very low.

According to the major federal laws concerning the iGaming industry in the United States, players have to pay taxes on their online winnings obtained from playing online casino games as well as from online sports betting activities. In other words, the IRS expects you to pay taxes no matter the source of your funds.

At the moment, offshore online casino and online sports betting sites are allowed to operate in just several states. In other states, engaging in gambling and betting at such sites is restricted and illegal, hence players who still decide to play at such sites can face legal consequences of these actions.

The only way you can play online casino games on an offshore casino site legally is to enter such sites when you are outside of the United States or to enter offshore sites from a state that has allowed it. Apart from that, it isn’t possible to play some games legally.


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