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Mega 7s Offshore Casino 2020

The offshore gambling industry has grown quite a bit over the years and Mega 7s is one of the most prominent names in this illegitimate industry. The site offers over 260 casino games and some massive bonuses that are meant to bring in players of all sorts and have them make real money deposits into a platform that is not regulated at all. Playing at Mega 7s is not safe however, as the casino has no license in any of the American states and cannot guarantee player security in any way. Find out more information from this detailed, comprehensive Mega 7s Casino review.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is it legal to play at Mega 7s casino?

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While online gamblers are always in search of the best iGaming sites that can provide some major wins, there are several things to put into consideration, and legality is one of them. Mega 7s casino does not have any American licenses to offer its services to citizens; thus, it is unsafe an illegal to play with them. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 was created to impede online online betting and gambling operations targeting their money. The UIGEA doesn’t target online casino players, but the gambling sites themselves, by making it a criminal offense for financial firms in America to process any payments for offshore operators like Mega 7s casino. While several media reports over the years have made it seem like the UIGEA placed a ban on all forms of gambling, but that isn’t the case. Technically speaking, UIGEA does not actually ban online gambling; there is only a ban on credit card issuers, banking institutions, and other payment processors from facilitating any form of payments to unlawful or illegal gambling sites. Find out more information from the Wire Act on legality of gambling in general.

Why you should not bet at Mega 7s casino

Online casino sites like Mega 7s have a very catchy look on the outside, but as they say, looks can be deceiving.  There are several reasons why betting at the Mega 7s casino is a big mistake no one should ever make no matter how good they are at an online casino or how easily they trust virtual trusting activities and sites. The online gambling market as of 2016 was worth $45 billion per year. However, it is surprising how uneducated a large percentage of online gamblers are when it comes to risks and legality. Here are of the main causes to stay away from Mega 7s casino:

Their operations are illegal

It is unlawful for a betting company not registered in the US to offer its services to people living in the US. Such illegal activity is against the law and has consequences.

Credit/money is unsafe

While the UIGEA is important to safeguard the money of unsuspecting players by preventing banking institutions from facilitating payments aimed at offshore iGaming sites, such sites find other questionable payment processing methods. A player who goes ahead to throw in money is at risk of loss.

Private bank account closure

Mega 7s Casino is not a legal US based casino and as such banking institutions should not be processing payments directed to it. For that reason, trying to make such deposits and slip one by your bank may end up in your private bank accounts being closed permanently.

No guarantee of fair play

As sure as you may be of your skills, there is no chance that your skills will take you anywhere as fair play is not guaranteed. Even when if there are any winnings, there is no way you can claim your earnings as such sites have no credibility.

No personal data security

There is absolutely no guarantee that your private information will be kept safe once you share it with an offshore casino like Mega 7s.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

Mega 7s casino: all you need to know

Mega 7s Casino is certainly not an operator you should sign up with, considering they are completely unlicensed for operation in the USA, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve at least a fair look, and we decided to give them just that and create a short review of their basic services.

Casino games & Live casino

In accordance with the information provided by the mega 7s site, they offer over 260 different games, including video poker, slot games of all sorts and even table games. While they may indeed provide a wide range of gaming options, you cannot enjoy the best of Real-Time casino.


Most online casino players are always looking for better bonuses, and the Mega 7s casino offers all their active clients some bonus. They claim offering such bonuses is their way of giving back to their valued clients. More attractive is their juicy welcome bonus created to boost a client’s bankroll on his or her first 3x deposit with an addition of some free spins for seven days. This a great way to do business, but only when there is a surety that bonuses can be used or claimed.  Even when users earn comp points or Mega 7s bonus chips, these bonuses cannot be used to redeem any casino cash as there is no genuine way of claiming winning or earnings from offshore casino sites. Also, the terms and conditions for claiming bonuses are tricky, making it almost impossible to meet them and enjoy the supposed benefits of your gift.

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Payment methods

Mega 7s Casino offers many different payment methods that are easily accessible to the international players signed up with the site. Players from most parts of the world can freely use their Visa and MasterCard credit cards or payment services like PayPal, Skrill or NETELLER. However, as an American you should not try to make deposits with Mega 7s as this is against the laws such as UIGEA and other regulations.

User interface/ usability

The Mega7s interface looks appealing but does not allow for seamless navigation through the site, as they claimed.  You also have to worry about security as the Mega 7s site only claims to respect your privacy and offer data security, but only a state-regulated, fully licensed iGaming website can protect you and your funds at all times.

Customer service

The Mega 7s casino Customer care department is available at all times twenty-four hours, seven days a week, while customer service agents are ready to help the casino's players with any issue or concern. However, you might have to wait a long time to get attended to, and your query may never be resolved. This wouldn’t be the case with a good and state licensed online casino.

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The future of offshore casino sites in the US

These days, the legal situation for online gambling in the USA is gloomy as best. This is so because online gambling is not unlawful, but is close to it. The law does make it clear that the operations of offshore casino sites or sites that are not licensed in the US is illegal, and targets their payment methods as a way to curb to their activities within the country. However, this has not hindered some offshore casino operators from finding illegal methods to provide services to American players and make as much money as possible. Offshore casinos are simply based outside of US which gives them the confidence to proceed as they will.

Nevertheless, the activities of offshore casino sites may soon lead to the total ban of online casino gambling in the US as they put more citizens at risk of losing money to their fraudulent activities and illegal payment methods. As of 2018, it was estimated by the American Gaming Association that citizens wager a minimum of $150 billion every year on sports via illegal means. If eventually, the activities of offshore betting companies result in the complete ban of online casinos, the gambling sites authorized in the US will also be affected.

FAQs: Most Common Questions of Players

In the real sense, bettors are not the target of the law when it comes to offshore casino operators. This means that you may not face any prosecution, but you may not be able to make payments to illegal casino sites.

No, you are not. You stand a risk of losing your money to these illegal operators, and the law doesn’t protect you in this case. It is best to avoid all non-regulated mediums of payment. There is already enough risk and uncontrollable variables on the table in the discourse of bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general. Combined that with playing at offshore operator, that are delicate equation of risky.

Yes, it does, although some of their sites set the age limit for players at 18, 21 remains the generally accepted minimum age. Some offshore operators abide by these rules, some other do not. However, in a nutshell, you should know that it is illegal to play on these offshore for the sole reason that they have not been certified by the government of the United States.  Another difference is the long list but prominent benefits include safety, mainstream deposit methods, responsible gambling, quality of platforms and access methods, and promotions and bonuses. It is therefore advisable to avoid all these operators completely and play only with licensed operators.

No, they are not. And even if the odds seem to be better, there is no cheat-free play and no surety that you will get what you win. Another difference is the long list but prominent benefits include safety, mainstream deposit methods, responsible gambling, quality of platforms and access methods, and promotions and bonuses. It is therefore advisable to avoid all these operators completely and play only with licensed operators.

The simple answer you will get to this question on offshore operators’ site is Yes. However, don’t be naïve. That is no guarantee that the utmost safety of the personal data you supplied to these offshore casinos and operators is their topmost priority. You can only get such assurance when you choose a state-licensed operator.

Where you can find licensed online casino operators

The primary reason why people engage in online casino betting is to make a profit. However, it can be frustrating to know that your efforts to make that extra buck from playing at an online casino site may be wasted because the site operated illegally, or is fraudulent. However, it can be difficult to tell the difference between illegal online casino sites from the licensed ones if there is nowhere to locate solid American online casinos. Our extensive Online Casino Comparison is designed to help with just that, so make sure you use it and help yourself to the best bonuses and offers in the current legal US gambling industry.
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