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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Kudos Casino Offshore

Kudos Offshore Casino 2021

Kudos Casino is a famous online casino that has operated Illegally in the USA for a few years. They have a terrible reputation rating in almost every casino review site. Kudos online casino offers more than 26 different games, Including Black Jack (real-time) and video poker (real-time). They offer a 100% cashback bonus and a wagering requirement of 25xb on slots. However, their operations in the United States is Illegal as they are not licensed to offer casino services there. Many players within the United States have problems withdrawing their winnings and find it difficult to make deposits to Kudos casino because it has been blacklisted for its fraudulent activities. Read our Kudos Casino reviews for more information.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is it legal to play at Mega Kudos casino?

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You may not have considered this, but there may be some legal consequences for playing at certain casinos. Playing to win and cash out is the primary reason why bettors patronize online casinos, but because kudos casino is an illegal casino, your aim of patronizing them may be defeated before you even place your first bet. Kudos casino is not licensed to operate in the US; thus, it is not advisable, and it is illegal to play with them. For those familiar with the UIGEA, the law is clearly aimed at the financial institutions that process payments for gaming operators.

Note that the UIGEA does not target the online casino players, but focuses on the gambling sites, by making it a punishable offense for any financial firm within the United States to deal with any deposits or cashouts from an international gambling site such as Kudos Casino. While the media may have reported that online gambling was banned with the UIGEA, this is not axtually quite true. The law only banned financial institutions, credit card companies and other payment processors from processing payments for online casinos that are not situated in America. You can find even more info here and learn about the Wire Act.

Why you should not bet at Kudos casino

Kudos online casino site has done a great job of making themselves attractive to the average bettor. But the best way to know precisely what is true or false about the catchy claims they make is by looking into the basic things that make a casino worth trying. There are many reasons why you should flee from kudos casino, and we have put together some of them based on the most common complains by previous customers of Kudos online casino. You may find some reasons you probably never considered before on the list below. You should avoid betting at kudos casino because:

Credit/money is unsafe

Betting with kudos casino is one of the easiest ways to get scammed of your hard-earned money. This is why the UIGEA makes sure that it safeguards the funds of innocent illegal casino customers by banning financial institutions from processing payments to illegal sites like Kudos casino, but these sites find other unsafe mediums to receive payment.

Their operation in the US is illegal

It is legal for an offshore betting company or one not registered in the US to offer betting services to residents. Such activity is against the law and has consequences for the being company.

Private bank account closure

Considering the illegal status of Kudos Casino, making deposits into this site despite the UIGEA may end up in your private bank account getting blocked or closed by the state authorities.

No guarantee of fair play

Cheating is a prevalent problem with kudos casino. As careful as you may be when playing online, there is every chance that you will be cheated as there is hardly ever fair play with these guys. Even when there you have any winnings, the chances of claiming your earnings from such sites with no credibility Is almost impossible.

No personal data security

At kudos casino, even player’s data is far from safe. Only a legally operated casino can guarantee the security of player's data.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

Kudos casino: All you need to know

Kudos Casino may be well known as an illegal casino but we still wanted to check into the kind of service they provide for their players. Here is what we came up with:

Casino games & Live casino

Apart from the Kudos Casino instant play, the casino offers different table games, video poker, as well as several specialty games. However, they do not offer live casino, which is something most casino lovers want from their favorite casino sites. They also allow users to play casinos on mobile since it's an online casino site.


Kudos casino offers a $25 no deposit bonus to first time users currently, and that is all the bonus they offer at present. However, one of the reasons why they are blacklisted is that they do not have terms and conditions that are favorable to bettors when it comes to claiming kudos bonus. This is one benefit of patronizing only a legally recognized betting site as only licensed sites have a reputation to protect in terms of credibility. Kudos doesn't have any referral program as well, so you may not need to expect much from them when it comes to freebies. Any genuine casino should find unusual ways to keep customers happy, and bonuses are one of those ways.

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Payment methods

Playing at offshore casinos like Kudos casinos makes things very complicated for American players as most payment processors will not process such deposits, due to the 2006 UIGEA gambling laws. However, international players can use all their credit cards and numerous e-payment systems to make deposits with Kudos Casino as they please.

User interface/ usability

The Kudos interface has a seemingly user-friendly outlook but does not allow for stress dress and fast navigation through the site. The site is also not secure when. It comes to user privacy, that is also something to worry about as the Kudos site stores your private information and can use it for whatever they choose. Only a state-licensed online casino site can guarantee user privacy.

Customer service

The Kudos online casino 24/7 Customer support team is supposedly available at all times, and available to help you out via the Kudos casino live chat. However, countless bettors have reported that the kudos casino customer service is slow and almost nonresponsive. On days when you are lucky enough to get a response after a very long wait, your query may not be resolved. With a state-licensed online casino, that will not be the case.

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The future of offshore casino sites in the US

The online gambling industry in America is an ever evolving one. From the time when there were no real laws defining online gambling, we have come to a point where online gambling in offshore sites is illegal, but states are issuing licenses for proper online casinos and bookmakers within the USA. There is no telling what might come next, but judging by the current trends, we expect legal online gambling industry to expand. 

More states are issuing licenses for legal gambling establishments by the day, and with this we can also expect many of the currently operating offshore sites to lose a lot of business and over time not make enough of a profit to justify their operation. While some offshore sites may still survive from catering to other international users, American players will likely move more towards the legal casino sites, which we recommend you do as well. While illegal online casino may still be around in a decade, it is most advisable to play at those with proper licenses as they can provide a safer and better regulated environment.


Most Common Questions of Players

You are very unlikely to be prosecuted if you do play at Kudos Casino, but you may still run into trouble. Namely, your bank accounts can be suspended if you decide to make deposits with Kudos and your money may be blocked out for quite a while.

Offshore online casinos such as Kudos Casino allow players to make deposits using suspicious cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, we highly advise players against using such currencies for their online deposits, as they are very volatile and completely unregulated.

This depends heavily on the offshore casino in question, but many of them will allow an 18 year old person to play. However, we advise players against playing for real money until they are 21 years old and also against playing at any offshore casinos in the first place.

While offshore casinos often provide some interesting games with high RTP percentages, the overall RTP of an offshore casino will rarely be higher than that of a proper legal casino. What is more, you can never be sure that you are getting paid while playing at an offshore casino, so that must be taken into account as well.

If you decide to share your credit card and other personal information with an offshore casino operator, you should be aware that there is no telling in which way it may be used. In fact, you may very well be scammed out of personal and banking data this way.


Where you can find licensed online casino operators
Now that you know about the risks associated with playing with a casino like Kudos, you can tell that your aim to engage in online casino betting for profit will be defeated before it even begins. However, it can be challenging to start searching for the most reliable online casinos where you will be protected from scams; games will be free and fair and claiming your wins will be guaranteed. Because there are other offshore casino sites like Kudos out there that mask themselves as legitimate betting sites, we have decided to filter the wheat from the chaff just for your convenience. If you are ready to start playing, kindly check our Online Casino Comparison for licensed online casino sites now, and start playing to win big.
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