Best Online Slots 2020

Best online slots are by far the most popular type of gambling any player familiar with making real money on online casinos will have come across. If you are a big fan of casino gambling at reputable online casinos, then online slot games are not something new, especially the bonus that comes with these games and the new existing ones being released. There is quite a very long list of online slot games available to casino gamblers online from their favorite online casinos to play, enjoy casino bonus offering, and make real money in the process of playing these casino slot games. This article shed light on what exactly are the best online slots games out there for casino slot games players and most importantly, where can casino slot gamblers play these online casino slot games, plus the free slot games with enticing bonus and free spins – a huge potential for jackpot.

Important Facts about Best Online Slots
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  • Playing casino slot online is an incredible form of casino entertainment

  • They are way more convenient option for starters

  • You can win jackpot and awesome casino bonus and rewards

  • New casino Slots are release almost every day

Best Online Slots Explained

The popularity of online casino slots has grown so big that new online slots games are now released almost every day. The fun and energy that casino players derived from spinning the reels and playing free casino bonus spins and slots is not sometime we can capture in one article. Many casino gamblers have had their lives turned around for good from jackpot and lucky life spins and fantastic bonuses and rewards that they win while playing online casino slot games. There are plenty of free spins and welcome bonuses that online casinos offer their online slots players to make some real money and have a good shot at jackpot when they play these casino slot games, even the free ones sometimes.

Online Slots: What they are

Before we dive into discussing what the best online slots are, let’s do some good justice to explaining exactly what it even means. Gamblers and bettors that have been around a while will probably be tempted to skip this paragraph, but new gamblers will definitely add an ounce of knowledge. Simply put, the word ‘Slots’ is being constantly used in the gambling world to explain a very simple gaming and gambling concept, which just basically summarized the gambling activities where player spin the reel to make some real to achieve a winning combination and win the associated reward or bonus.

How exactly are Online Slots done or played

When you here online slots, some basic concept should come to mind. First, it involves spinning the reels. This spinning of the reels can be done in either of two ways – either by using the machine’s arm, or by doing it the virtual style, that is, by pressing a button that does the spinning for you, virtually. Before gamblers spin the reels, there is always a goal, a target, some combinations of numbers generally referred to as winning combinations that must be achieved. It is only gamblers that are able to achieve these winning combinations that are entitled to the win cash prizes or jackpot associated with that particular slots. This has changed the lives of many jackpot gamblers in the gambling game for good.

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Classic Vs. Video Slots

It is also important to give a very briefly explanation on the major different types of slots that we have. Without mincing words, the major different between the two slots type is in the number of reels. Classic slots only have three reels for gamblers to play and get their bonus should they play the winning combinations. Video slots, on the other hand, presents gamblers with more than two hundred (200) reels. The real-life implication of this is that video slots present gamblers with way more chance and probability of winning than classic slots do. Among the enticing and very interesting features of video slots are:

  1. Bonus round: Gamblers get to play new type of game with fantastic opportunity to win more bonus and rewards, including free spins, more real money, and multiplier.
  2. Multiplier: Gamblers get to increase the winnings from their winning combination by a given integer.
  3. Free spins: The details are in the name; gamblers get to spin for free, make some real money in the process.
  4. Wild symbol: It can replace any symbol in winning combination for gamblers; it works as a joker.
  5. Scatter: This does not need to appear on active payline for gamblers to win.

Best Online Slots and Where to play

It will be of less significance to talk all big about online slots and not mention what the best ones are and where gamblers can visit online to play these online slots. One undisputable fact is that there is a very long list of online slots that are available on the internet, offered by online casinos for gamblers to play. But the real question is that all they are really worth gamblers’ time? Can they all give that genuine satisfaction and quality gambling experience we are looking for? Can they all prepare gamblers that play them and give requisite skills and knowledge needed to make real money at online casinos? When questions like these are raised, the list become very short, weeding away the ones unfit.

In the table below, we’ve taken our time to conduct extensive research online and from gamblers’ input, review, and playing activities, we compiled a list of top most popular online slots in 2020. These online slots recorded more activities and gambling logs from gamblers in 2020 than many others. despite the very large collection of online slots that online casinos have, these particular ones stood out. Please note that these highlighted online slots are listed in no particular order of significance:

Best (Most Popular) Online SlotsOnline Casinos offering them
Starburst888Casino, Golden Nugget, Virgin, Betfair Exchange
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron BurgundyVirgin, Golden Nugget, Tropicana
Family GuyVirgin, Golden Nugget, Betfair
Fairytale: Red Riding HoodBetfair, Golden Nugget, Tropicana
King Kong FuryGolden Nugget, Caesars
Monopoly Mega MoversGolden Nugget, Virgin, Tropicana
Wheel of Fortune: On TourGolden Nugget, 888Casino, Betfair
JumanjiGolden Nugget, Caesars
Deal or No DealVirgin Casino
Monopoly: Money in HandCaesars, Golden Nugget
Bruce Lee: Fire of the DragonBetfair, Golden Nugget

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Online Casino Slots for Players from United States

Let’s not shy away from the truth. Despite all the fun and quality gaming and gambling experience that come with playing online casino slots, not all gamblers from all country get to play and enjoy this benefit to the full potential. For one reason or the other, gamblers from some countries and regions often get to play and enjoy more of these online casino slots than gamblers from come other countries or region and whatnot, for whatever reasons. We will not go deep-diving into these reasons as to why and why not that restrict or allow players’ playing the favorite free games and making money from online casino slots.

However, we have done our due diligence to put together a list of reputable online casino slots that open their doors to American players to play free games, participate in quality gambling, play online casino slots, make deposit, and enjoys bonuses and other privileges that these online casinos have to offer. Players from the United States looking to play online casino slots, free or not, and have the best gambling experience that they can go apply to real casino slots and make real money on their deposit should check out information guide.

The ugly reality is that players from the United States are still not able to enjoy these incredible gambling experience of online casino slots compared to players from other countries and regions. Many online casinos have closed their doors on America players. Some online casinos have blocked United States IP addresses for some reason or the other. However, this is not the end for United States players. It doesn’t have to be. Feel free to check out these online casinos listed above to play your online casino slots, enjoy rewarding bonuses, and have a real good time.

Why Best Online Slots Are Your Best Real Money Options

One thing you need to know about games and slot that online slots provide gamblers is that more and more of these games (or slots) continue to emerge almost every day. If you visit your favorite online casino, especially if it’s one of those best one Top Online Casinos, you will realize that more and more games and slots are often added weekly if not daily. These slot games present gamblers with an awesome opportunity to not only play free games in forms of free spins, for example. Gamblers get to spin the reels more with bonuses that are offered by casino. This way, there are more chances of hitting winning combinations, which eventually translate to huge bonus and jackpot for the very lucky ones.

Want to get the Best Information?

If for any reason, a particular gambling site you are considering playing games on do not meet or scale well on one or more of these yardsticks, then it is strongly advised to thread carefully with such gambling sites. More appropriate, it becomes a “proceed-at-your-own-risk” situation. This doesn’t necessarily mean such gambling sites are out to make you lose your money. It only implies that you are opening yourself to risk more and the chance or propensity of loss is higher, compared to playing your games and gambling and casinos with top gambling sites. Always check out our Casino Comparison for more relevant and updated content on this and many more.

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Unbelievable Online Slots Payouts & Jackpots

Playing online slots come with this special kind of convenience that you could hardly get from other games in its category. With online slots, especially when played with the right casinos, you have access to a wide variety of games, thus translating to having more quality gaming experience and fun. There are also lucrative and fantastic bonuses and rewards that gamblers just to enjoy.
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