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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
5Dimes Casino Offshore

5Dimes Offshore Casino 2021

5Dimes casino was established in 1996. Driven by Visionary iGaming and Real Time Gaming software, 5Dimes has tried over the years to distinguish itself as an online sportsbook where casino games enthusiasts and gamblers can quench their thirst and hunger for casino gambling and gaming like poker, slots, jackpot, blackjack, lottery, bingo, and a few additional free bonuses. 5Dimes casino prides itself of having a selection of Specialty Games alongside Video Slots, Table Games, Video Poker, and Multi-Hand Video Poker casino games. 5Dimes sportsbook and casino is an offshore casino. Consequently, US players are better off finding themselves a sportsbook, a racebook, or an online betting site at home licensed by the state – a state-licensed operator. This casino is not recommended to our players.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is It Legal to Play at 5Dimes Casino?

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5Dimes casino is an offshore sportsbook located outside the United States and operating on foreign soil. There are diverse ways to interpret laws and legislation around casino games and online sports betting. However, a much simpler way to put it is that you as a US player will be running a much greater risk playing at an offshore operator like 5Dimes with higher possibility of facing legal consequences.

The legal consequences of playing at offshore online casinos are not completely clear, but the fact is that you may get into trouble if playing at such sites. The only way to be completely sure you will not be in a bad situation while playing at offshore casinos is to actually travel to the country in which they are registered. In order to avoid any chance of being in conflict with the law, we advise you to play at online gaming sites licensed in the state you live in. You can take a close look at our casino comparison page for a full list of casinos licensed in your state. 

The only condition that would keep you in the clear of not facing any legal consequences for playing at an offshore casino and operator like 5Dimes casino would be that you are physically located in the country where this offshore operator is located when you make your betting and casino gambling. Anything other than that, there is a very good chance of facing legal consequences. It is much advisable you do your sports betting and casino gambling at state-licensed operators. You can find yourself on our Online Casino Comparison where we made comparison of state-licensed operators available to you.

That’s why you shouldn’t bet at this operator

If you have been following along, you will understand that we place an emphatic stress on the need for US players to make their sports betting and online casino gambling at state-licensed operators. Here are a few of the main reasons to avoid offshore casinos like 5Dimes:

  • Great risk of legal consequences: This will continue to be said. There are a lot of state-licensed operators in the United States where you can easily take your money to wager on Casino slots and poker games, and have the classic feel. You can check out our comparison of Online Casinos to find out which fits best for you. Attempting to gamble with offshore operators will only lead to potential legal consequences that you don’t want to deal with.
  • Safety: Player security is a very important thing when talking about online casinos. Regardless of whether an offshore casino is legitimate or not, the fact remains that playing at such sites is quite risky. These operators provide services without proper licenses and answer to noone, making them a risky option to play with. There is less, if not nothing, stopping these offshore casinos from closing shops and running away with your money with no prior notice. Such despicable act cannot even be conceived when gambling at licensed casinos in the states.
  • Responsible gambling: Online casinos and other gaming operators that are not run by legitimate companies and do not have the proper licenses are not obligated to provide their players with a safe gaming environment. With that in mind, you may not be able to self exclude or use other responsible gambling measures in an offshore casino like this.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

5Dimes Casino Check: All you need to know

Casino Games & Live Casino

5Dimes casino is an online sportsbook that has a relatively wide variety of casino games from which players can choose from and have some quality casino fun at 5Dimes home. 5Dimes casino offers quite an interesting list of casino games including video poker, video slots, multi-hand video poker, and table games. 5Dimes casino exemplifies itself as an offshore casino where players can play instant play or download a casino game to play later their free and leisure time. 5Dimes casino presents players about 200 casino games under the category of Virtual games among which are Blackjack, about 90 unique online slots, video poker choices, baccarat, craps, and roulette.

Unlike some other offshore casinos, 5Dimes includes in its casino gaming offering live dealer. 5Dimes casino made this happen with the Visionary iGaming software. With this, players look to play at this sportsbook can spend play an interesting choice of casino live dealer games and enjoy bonus. Among the offers of live dealer at 5Dimes include Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Blackjack Early Payout, and Live Baccarat.


5Dimes casino offers some fancy bonus and rewards that continue to attract new players to betting at this sportsbook. Among these bonus plans and rewards include:

  • Free play, match play and lotto reward: featuring conventional rewards based on free play of up to 50%
  • Cash back rewards of up to 20% and 10% extra.
  • 30% Super Saver.
  • A couple of other rewards program like Casino Rebates, On the House, and Free Payout rewards programs.
  • There are a few other related bonus offerings and special promotions at 5Dimes casino.

Payment Methods

To play video poker, slots, bingo, play bet odds as you would at your favorite racebook, win jackpot, and enjoy lottery at 5Dimes home, 5Dimes put in place some payment mechanisms for its players to enjoy best gambling and casino gaming services. Among payment methods available for deposit at 5Dimes casino include:

  • Visa card.
  • Person-to-Person Transfer.
  • Money Order.
  • Sportsbook Transfer: from say another major sportsbook, racebook or online betting site.

Available payment methods for withdrawing from 5Dimes casino include:

  • Person-to-Person Transfer.
  • Cashier’s Check.
  • Money Order.
  • Bank Wire.
  • Sportsbook Transfer: To another major sportsbook, racebook, or online betting site.

User Interface / Usability

5Dimes casino has some restrictions and terms that already hindered usability. For example, countries that feature on its list of restricted countries include Asia, Australia, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and the United States. In terms of players’ feedback and review, 5Dimes sportsbook has managed to get quite some bad and least impressive reviews. Casino game players at 5Dimes made several complaints majority of which revolves around delayed payments, poor betting and gambling service delivery, poor customer service, poor safety of money, among many others.

Customer Service

There are three different support channels that 5Dimes casino prides itself off as an online sportsbook. They include, Live Chat available 24/7, Email Support, Phone Support.

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The Future of Offshore Casino Sites

If the Legal atmosphere and legal-related problems is anything to go about, then players who fancy offshore operators must be aware that there is a storm ahead. Even though, it is difficult to put a handle on the exact situation or have a precise forecast, but a careful and objective analysis of the current situation shows that betting and wagering for real money in offshore operators like Diamond Reels casino would be super difficult, if not completely impossible. This is simply because gambling and betting at offshore casinos is an illegal activity and engaging in it is breaking the law. However, a more detailed information on the state of offshore should be more glaring in the nearest future.

Disclaimer: Don't play here

Justice background is a 100% legal portal licensed by U.S. authorities that exclusively recommends and promotes legal online providers. The information on offshore providers published here is for informational purposes only and is intended to show the negative consequences that the use of these providers can have. We neither recommend nor link these providers in any way. We also have no business connection with these providers. Please only play with 100% legal and licensed US providers that are shown in our comparison and regulated by US authorities. Only with these providers, you can play safely and reliably.


Most Common Questions of Players

5Dimes Casino operates under a gaming license issue in Costa Rica, which is highly questionable and not safe for any players. The operator has no license in any state in the USA and is therefor not a good option for American players.

1996 and its grand operation started since then. However, it has not managed to get a license in the United States thus, players from the US need to turn to other licensed operators in the States to enjoy legitimate playing experience.

This Operator is owned and controlled by the 5Dimes Group Casinos. 5Dimes casino was established in the year 1996. Driven by Visionary iGaming and Real Time Gaming software, they have a number of games that are of interest to the players.

Among the list of restricted countries at 5Dimes casino is the United States of America. Players can therefore look towards other Licensed operators in the United States which are duly opened to players to enjoy a good betting experience.

According to many player reviews we have found, cashouts can be both fast, slow and not happen at all. Thus, it is advised that players don’t pitch their tent with this operator since there is no way we can ascertain the credibility of this operator.


Check out Licensed Online Casinos!

Playing with offshore casinos is never a good idea and the upsides are greatly outweighed by the downsides. If you were to choose 5Dimes over other online casinos with proper licenses, you would be losing a lot in terms of security, value and much more.

What's even more, playing on offshore platforms gets you involved with breaking the law and even if you are not directly breaking any particular law, you may be in violation of various banking and other regulations. To make sure you avoid all this, simply take a look at our Online Casino Comparison for a complete list of online casinos which you can use completely legally and without any danger of breaking any laws. Sign up now with a state regulated operator and enjoy the show.

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