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Michael Tradford
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May 15, 2022
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

DraftKings is a top-tier sportsbook that most people have heard of, but fewer know about the casino and particularly the power of the DraftKings casino app. This platform is a powerful one that’s easy to use, offers decent rewards, and gives gamblers with interest in casino games something to look forward to. While reviewing this platform and the other apps for online casinos, we look closely at the different features, bonuses, payment solutions, and other key characteristics of each of them to determine which is a good value for the players in Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia and which should be avoided. It’s this close attention to detail that helps us evaluate the DraftKings casino iOS app and many others as well.

Mobile Games & Casino Software

The mobile platform is built on proprietary software and features a small selection of new game options to choose from. Gamblers that are searching for online casinos with a vast selection of games to work with will be disappointed with what’s offered here. Gamblers have about 30 games to select from altogether on the DraftKings casino Android or iOS software. That’s enough to keep most players busy for a short time with trying things out, but after about a week, most gamblers will have tried all the games out that they are interested in. There are live dealer games, table games, slots, and video poker games to choose from. It’s even possible to play for free with the right selections. While there are many different types of options at the DraftKings casino, there are only a few options in each of those categories, which can leave gamblers with few additional options to test out after they play through the initial ones.

DraftKings Casino Mobile Live Casino & Dealer

Live Dealer gambling isn’t as common on phones and tablets, but that’s something that players can enjoy on the DraftKings mobile platform. The DraftKings casino software is a full-featured platform that offers access to five different live dealer games. Those games include blackjack, roulette, three card poker, and Texas Hold’em poker. Between all of those different options, there is likely something that will appeal to most gamblers that want to test out the platform. Each of those games offers a look at a real dealer that is running the game and handling all the different features provided as well. Gamblers interested in testing out the live dealer games will have to make a real money deposit and be in one of the states approved for online gambling in the United States. There is no demo mode on the live dealer games, and they must be tested with real money. For more information about the casino, see our DraftKings casino review.

DraftKings Casino iPhone and Android Download App

While many casinos today offer a web app that can be used to play the different games, this isn’t the case with the DraftKings casino. Instead, there is only a DraftKings casino app. Gamblers that are interested in playing the different games will have to go through the process to download the app before they can begin wagering. Once the application is downloaded and installed, it can be played on the casino and enjoyed by the gambler. The software is simple to install, but it’s the only option when it comes time to play the games. There is a web platform for gamblers to create an account, make a deposit, and to do other account maintenance tasks. The apps are only necessary when it is time to play the games and to experience the most important features. The DraftKings casino Android and iOS apps are readily available and designed to be simple to make online wagering quick and easy to do.

DraftKings Casino Android and iPhone Mobile Bonus

Mobile players and standard players all have access to the same simple welcome bonus. New players at the DraftKings casino can unlock $35 for free after signing up for an account with the site. The bonus is unlocked within 24 hours and doesn’t come with any special requirements that have to be worried about. Most players at the casino will unlock the offer within a few days of joining, which makes it a nice little perk that players can enjoy for being members of the casino. The bonus for free money is smaller than what’s offered at many other casinos, but it’s also much simpler to unlock. For more information about the bonus offers and what new players can expect from the DraftKings casino, see our DraftKings casino bonus code review here.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $1,500
Bonus Type
Deposit Bonus
Deposit $1,500 & play with $3,000
10x Deposit & Bonus
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
30 days
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $1,500

DraftKings Casino App Usability & Special Functions

Players that enjoy wagering on the go and want to be able to switch between the different sections of their mobile platform and to place wagers and make deposits all from a tablet or smartphone will enjoy the DraftKings casino software. That’s because it is simple to use, it comes loaded with the standard features that players have come to expect, and it’s designed to be accessed by nearly everyone. The platform itself is only accessible to Android and iOS users, but most of those devices will work with the apps just fine. The apps install rapidly and, once installed, can be used to access all the features of the site. Players can make deposits with real money; they can wager on all the different games available, they can unlock promotions and enjoy live dealer gambling. They can even switch over to sports betting if that’s something that they are interested in doing.

Payment Options

As a player on the DraftKings casino application, there are many different payment methods available to make use of. Credit or debit cards are a simple way to make an initial deposit into the site to begin wagering rapidly. There is also support for PayPal and other eWallet solutions for gamblers that are comfortable using those platforms to transfer money online. There is bank transfer support as well for the players that want to rely on a bank account for making withdrawals from the site. No matter what sort of gambler a player is, the DraftKings casino app is designed to cater to different players and to make it easy to go through deposits and withdrawals effectively.

Online Banking
Online Banking
ACH Payments
ACH Payments

Payments are processed rapidly and each of the different payment methods work to unlock the welcome bonus for interested gamblers that want free money. Most players on the platform are able to find a payment solution that they can work with comfortably, which makes working with the casino simple to do.

DraftKings Casino Registration on Mobile

Going through registration to begin playing on the DraftKings casino iOS or Android apps is simple to do and only takes a few minutes. Below is a gallery that shows the registration process and what it looks like to go through. To ease up the process for you, you’ll find a complete walkthrough of the registration process down below.

Quick Registration Overview

  • Load up the DraftKings mobile application
  • Select Sign Up at the top of the screen
  • Fill in the form that opens accurately and fully
  • Check your email for a verification email from DraftKings
  • Send in forms and documentation if any is requested
  • Sign in to your new account and enjoy!

The first step to becoming a member of the DraftKings casino site is visiting the DraftKings casino website and clicking on the Sign Up button. After selecting this button, players are given a form to follow along with to enter in their personal information. Fill out the few forms with personal information to create a new account and prepare to start wagering on the casino fully.

After filling in the forms players will be asked to verify their email address. This only takes a few moments and once they are complete the account is usable and ready for testing out demo versions of the games, or for making an initial deposit. With the account created players must download one of the two applications and install them on a mobile device. After installing the software, sign in to the site to load the platform and all its features. Now select the Deposit button and choose a deposit method. Add real funds to your DraftKings casino account and enable real money gambling. Once finished adding real money to the account, players are ready to begin gambling and enjoying all the different features of the site.


DraftKings Casino App: Often asked and answered here

No, players must be located in one of the states that’s compatible with the platform and that legally allows online wagering. The DraftKings platform checks the player’s location information to verify that this is true. Luckily the process is quick and easy.

No, absolutely not. Gamblers are free to sign up and wager on the application without ever using a computer to do so. The website is accessible through a phone web browser, making this simple. When on mobile simple apps make using the platform quick and easy.

No, it’s possible to register and play many of the betting game options without ever paying any real money. That means interested players can make sure that the games work on their tablet before spending there money to do so. There are free options to play and the options get even better with a promo code in 2019. The game options are available to New Jersey players as well as others.

The platform is designed to accommodate both types of players, but low-stakes gamblers will enjoy the casino welcome bonus offer more than a high roller will. Many game options have a maximum bet of $5,000 or more, making the site good for high-stakes players as well though.

No, the poker games available are all arcade-style poker game selections with a dealer and a player and no other players to think about. Gamblers that are seeking a more social experience will have to look to other casinos in order to gain access. Most casino game varieties are available to players that aren’t interested in social features though.


Simple and Rewarding
Casino Conclusion Box Background
The DraftKings casino app stands out for being so quick and easy to join and simple to navigate. Sure, the site only offers around 30 games to players, which is fewer than many other platforms, but the ease-of-use and simple design of the platform help to make up for that. Players that sign up and start using the mobile app will enjoy all the features rapidly. It’s easy to unlock the $35 bonus within a day or two of joining. If you’re looking for a simple and effective portable platform, sign up to the DraftKings casino today and unlock your bonus with ease. There isn’t even a code involved.
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